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The influence of grassland management on ground beetles (Carabidae, Coleoptera) in Swiss montane meadows
Effects of grassland management type and intensity on carabid species richness, number of individuals and species composition were studied in the Swiss Prealps. Carabids were censused in 2001 andExpand
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The condition of forests in Europe. 2007 executive report
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Detecting the nitrogen critical loads on European forests by means of epiphytic lichens. A signal-to-noise evaluation
Abstract Lichens are considered to be among the most sensitive organisms for several types of pollutants. In this work, we analyzed a dataset of 286 epiphytic lichen species observed on 1155 trees atExpand
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Biodiversity Assessment Tools — Lichens
To compare lichen diversity indices within and among land-use gradients in different countries and on predetermined substrata of trees, rocks and soil.
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Lichen functional groups as ecological indicators of the effects of land-use in Mediterranean ecosystems
The effects of land-use on species and communities are usually studied by considering high-intensity land-use gradients. However, in many Mediterranean Europe areas, the traditional land-use regimeExpand
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Variation of lichen communities with landuse in Aberdeenshire, UK
The distribution of lichen species in upland regions of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is investigated along a landuse gradient from natural forest to intensive agriculture. Quantitative data on lichenExpand
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Performance of Macrolichens and Lichen Genera as Indicators of Lichen Species Richness and Composition
In the search for cost-effective methods for measuring and monitoring lichen diversity, we tested the performance of two possible indicators: lichen genus diversity and macrolichen diversity. WeExpand
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High‐resolution remote sensing data improves models of species richness
Question Can predictors derived from air- and space-borne high-resolution remote sensing data improve models of species richness commonly built using coarser-scaled environmental variables?Expand
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Species richness of lichen functional groups in relation to land use intensity
Changing land use has a major impact on lichen diversity. This study attempts to identify patterns or trends of lichen functional groups along a land use gradient, ranging from natural forests toExpand
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Trophic level modulates carabid beetle responses to habitat and landscape structure: a pan‐European study
1. Anthropogenic pressures have produced heterogeneous landscapes expected to influence diversity differently across trophic levels and spatial scales.
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