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Symplectic Techniques in Physics
Preface 1. Introduction 2. The geometry of the moment map 3. Motion in a Yang-Mills field and the principle of general covariance 4. Complete integrability 5. Contractions of symplectic homogeneous
Geometric quantization and multiplicities of group representations
The Heisenberg uncertainty principle says that it is impossible to determine simultaneously the position and momentum of a quantum-mechanical particle. This can be rephrased as follows: the smallest
Convexity properties of the moment mapping. II
be its associated momen t mapping. (See w for definitions.) The set, @(X), is the union of co-adjoint orbits. The main result of this paper is a description of the orbit structure of this set. To
Symplectic Fibrations And Multiplicity Diagrams
1. Symplectic fibrations 2. Examples of symplectic fibrations: the coadjoint orbit hierarchy 3. Duistermaat-Heckman polynomials 4. Symplectic fibrations and multiplicity diagrams 5. Computations with
Group theory and physics
1. Basic definitions and examples 2. Representation theory of finite groups 3. Molecular vibrations and homogeneous vector bundles 4. Compact groups and Lie groups 5. Irreducible representations of