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Etymological Dictionary of the Altaic Languages
This comparative and etymological dictionary of the more than fifty languages traditionally classified as Altaic is arguably the most comprehensive, systematic work as yet on the subject. SubdividedExpand
Reconstructing Proto-West Caucasian : From North Caucasian to West Caucasian via “ Chinese ” ?
The comparison of Proto-West Caucasian (PWC) with East Caucasian (EC) languages proves that the late pre-PWC underwent a fundamental restructuring of its phonological, morphological and syntacticExpand
Cross-Cultural Research as a Rosetta Stone for Discovering the Original Homelands of Protolanguage Groups
This programmatic article describes how the two types of cross-cultural research (comparative ethnography and comparative archaeology) can provide a Rosetta stone to help us discover the originalExpand
Turkic and Chinese loan words in Tocharian
Fourty years ago, in 1963, Werner Winter wrote: "... it clearly becomes essential to raise the question whether non-Buddhist linguistic borrowing occurred between Turkish and Tocharian." He planned aExpand