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Girl Child Protection Scheme in Tamil Nadu: An Appraisal
The Girl Child Protection Scheme in Tamil Nadu was introduced in 1992; surveys and data analysis show that between the late 1990s and 2002-03, daughter elimination has declined sharply. However, aExpand
Wootz Crucible Steel: A Newly Discovered Production Site in South India
During the course of field investigations of copper mining and smelting in South India, the author of this paper came across a previously unrecorded archaeometallurgical site in Mel-siruvalur, SouthExpand
Iron Age beta (23% tin) bronze: Peninsular Indian bowls of Adichanallur, Nilgiris, and Boregaon
ABSTRACT As-cast binary copper–tin alloys with over 15% were generally not much in use in antiquity as they get embrittled at higher tin contents due to the increasing presence of the intermetallicExpand
The use of tin and bronze in prehistoric southern Indian metallurgy
ConclusionsAlthough the findings are from disparate contexts, they demonstrate a long familiarity of Indian metal workers with the use of tin and with manipulating bronze alloys to exploit theExpand
A tale of Wootz steel
The extraordinary romance and thrilling adventure associated with the tale of wootz steel shows how Indian metallurgists were the world leaders in antiquity in the manufacture of this legendaryExpand
Present and Past of Southern Indian Crafts for Making Mirrors, Lamps, Bells, Vessels, Cymbals and Gongs: Links with Prehistoric High Tin Bronzes from Mohenjodaro, Taxila, South Indian Megaliths, and
L'auteur du present article s'interesse a la metallurgie du bronze en Inde du Sud, cherchant a determiner les survivances de l'artisanat prehistorique dans la technologie contemporaine, et a etablirExpand
Lead isotope and trace element analysis in the study of over a hundred South Indian metal icons
Technical investigations were made on 130 South Indian statuary images and a few miscellaneous artefacts mostly sampled from the Government Museum, Madras, India, and from the Victoria and AlbertExpand
Northern Telangana, an Iron and Crucible Steel Production Landscape in India
Northern Telangana now lies in the remote rural heartland of India but is world renowned for its role in the past as a region of iron and crucible steel production, recorded in historical accountsExpand
Wrought and quenched, and cast high-tin bronzes to Kerala State, India
Binary high-tin bronze alloys have been recorded in Southeast Asian antiquity, and it had been reasonable to regard known Indian examples as imports from tin-rich Southeast Asia due to the scarcityExpand
Metallurgy of zine, high-tin bronze and gold in Indian antiquity: Methodological aspects
There are inherent challenges in attempting to explore the trajectory of knowledge production vis-a-vis the use of metals in antiquity. Metallurgical innovations, falling as they would have largelyExpand