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[Multispecific monoclonal antibodies].
Immunization of BALB/c mice with Rickettsia prowazekii antigens, Bordetella pertussis toxin and Legionella pneumophila cytolysin induces the synthesis of IgM autoantibodies of different specificity.
[The surface antigens of Rickettsia prowazekii studied with monoclonal antibodies].
Ulastructural immunochemical studies have revealed that both R. prowazekii antigens are located on surface structures of rickettsiae, such as the microcapsule and cell wall.
[Monoclonal autoantibodies to the epithelial basement membrane cells of human skin and thymus obtained through immunization with Rickettsia prowazekii antigens].
As the result of immunization of BALB/c mice with the commercial preparation of typhus vaccine and R. prowazekii corpuscular antigen, in 29.2% and 40.3% of cases (respectively) the appearance of
[The typing of Legionella pneumophila strains by using monoclonal antibodies to the cytolysin].
The results of the comparison of the specificity of the McAb with that of a commercial set McAb obtained from the USA make it possible to recommend preparations based on McAb to cytolysin for the detection of L. pneumophila pathogenic strains of serovar 1.
Monoclonal autoantibodies to epithelial structures of the thymus obtained by immunization with group a streptococcal antigens
Both subpopulations of CFU-s (as 8-, as 11-day) from FL have a reduced index of SRD reparation as compared with the corresponding meanings for BM, which was lower than the ability of 8-day CF U-s.
Northern Range: Russia
Abstract Potential snow leopard habitat in Russia totals about 60,000 km 2 of which about one third is occupied by 70–90 snow leopards. Since 1998 the snow leopard has been a flagship species for
[Monoclonal antibodies to Legionella pneumophila cytolysin].
The fusion of spleen cells, taken from BALB/c mice immunized with the purified preparation of L. pneumophila cytolysin, with cells Sp2/0 and NP has been carried out, and the possibility of using these monoclonal antibodies conjugated with FITC and peroxidase for the rapid diagnosis of Legionella infection is shown.