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Investigating the impact of code smells debt on quality code evaluation
Different forms of technical debt exist that have to be carefully managed. In this paper we focus our attention on design debt, represented by code smells. We consider three smells that we detect inExpand
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Demand-side management via optimal production scheduling in power-intensive industries: The case of metal casting process
The increasing challenges to the grid stability posed by the penetration of renewable energy resources urge a more active role for demand response programs as viable alternatives to a furtherExpand
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Multi-rate model predictive control algorithm for systems with fast-slow dynamics
This study proposes a novel multi-rate model predictive control (MPC) scheme for linear discrete-time systems subject to input constraints. The proposed scheme consists of two control layers, actingExpand
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Impact of refactoring on quality code evaluation
Code smells are characteristics of the software that may indicate a code or design problem that can make software hard to understand, to evolve and maintain. Detecting code smells in the code andExpand
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A distributed control architecture for a reconfigurable manufacturing plant
This work presents a novel approach for the implementation of industrial Cyber-Physical System (CPS) based on the integration of the IEC 61499 international standard for distributed industrialExpand
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System-level performance of an automation solution based on industry standards
The flexibility and reconfigurability requirements of factories and manufacturing plants of the future can be partially met by adopting technologies and solutions already available for testing andExpand
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A hierarchical optimization-based scheme for combined Fire-tube Boiler/CHP generation units
In this paper we propose a hierarchical control structure to optimize the behaviour of a generation unit composed of a fire tube boiler, that supplies steam, and a combined heat and power internalExpand
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An optimal control of start-up for nonlinear fire-tube boilers with thermal stress constraints
In this paper we propose a Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) scheme for the optimization of the start-up procedure of a nonlinear boiler model. The proposed formulation of the MPC problemExpand
COVID-19 pandemic management at the Emergency Department : the changing scenario at the University Hospital of Pisa
Starting from 1st case in Italy, on February 20th, 2020, CO-rona VI-rus D-isease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic spread to whole Italian territory, with different regional distribution. Tuscany has beenExpand