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Proteome profile and biological activity of caprine, bovine and human milk fat globules.
Biological activity of milk fat globules has been evaluated in Caco2-cells, as a representative model of the intestinal barrier, and the increase of cell viability was indicative of a potential nutraceutical role for the whole milkfat globule, suggesting a possible employment in milk formula preparation. Expand
Cellulomonas fimi secretomes: In vivo and in silico approaches for the lignocellulose bioconversion.
An interaction between cellobiohydrolases is proposed as a strategy adopted by soluble multimodular cellulases and can be crucial for a better characterization and industrial exploitation of the synergism among C. fimi enzymes. Expand
Natural Killer (NK)/melanoma cell interaction induces NK-mediated release of chemotactic High Mobility Group Box-1 (HMGB1) capable of amplifying NK cell recruitment
It is shown that NK cells, upon interaction with melanoma cells, can release a chemotactic form of High Mobility Group Box-1 (HMGB1) protein capable of attracting additional activated NK cells. Expand
Effects of Holder pasteurization on the protein profile of human milk
In the majority of samples, HoP did not cause any modification, thereby preserving the biological activity of HM proteins, and a promising technique able to offer a qualitative HM protein profile was found. Expand
Enhanced features of Dictyoglomus turgidum Cellulase A engineered with carbohydrate binding module 11 from Clostridium thermocellum
The addition of a CBM of the cellulosomal enzyme CtLic26A-Cel5E (endoglucanase H or CelH) from Clostridium (Ruminiclostridium) thermocellum to the C-terminus of Dtur CelA resulted in a cellulase with enhanced stability at extreme pHs, higher affinity and activity on insoluble cellulose. Expand
Protein fingerprinting in the choice of cellulase cocktails for the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass
Based on two-dimensional electrophoresis and LC-MS/MS analysis, “protein fingerprinting” is a powerful approach for protein identification. Here we describe the application of this approach for theExpand
[Neonatal hypothyroidism screening. 9 years' experience at a peripheral hospital].
Since 1979 in our Hospital 2500 newborns have been screened for C.I. by T4 and, afterwards, by TSH test. One case of C.I. was detected with an apparently higher frequency than in Lombardia and Italy.Expand
The restoration of the RacconigiCastle’s second floor. Historical andmethodological elements
Paper presentato al Convegno internazionale ISCR ICOM-CC, "Multidisciplinary conservation: a holistic view for historic interiors", Roma, 23-26 marzo 2010, Complesso Monumentale di San Michele a Ripa