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Aristonectes quiriquinensis, sp. nov., A New Highly Derived Elasmosaurid from the Upper Maastrichtian of Central Chile
ABSTRACT This paper describes a new species of elasmosaurid plesiosaur, Aristonectes quiriquinensis, sp. nov., based on a partial skeleton recovered from upper Maastrichtian beds of the Quiriquina
Cranial Anatomy of Morturneria seymourensis from Antarctica, and the Evolution of Filter Feeding in Plesiosaurs of the Austral Late Cretaceous
This paper redescribes the holotype skull of the aristonectine elasmosaur Morturneria seymourensis from the upper Maastrichtian of Seymour Island, Antarctica and theorize that this highly derived suite of adaptations is convergent with extant gray whales and archaic mysticetes and hypothesize that it functioned similarly in sieve feeding following suction.
The developmental origin of zygodactyl feet and its possible loss in the evolution of Passeriformes
Molecular phylogenetic analysis and palaeontological information suggest that the ancestor of passerines could have been zygodactyl, and data suggest that loss of asymmetric forces of muscular activity exerted on dIV could have resulted in secondary anisodactyly in Passeriformes.
New elasmosaurids (Sauropterygia, Plesiosauria) from the Late Cretaceous of the Magallanes Basin, Chilean Patagonia: Evidence of a faunal turnover during the Maastrichtian along the Weddellian
Several Upper Cretaceous plesiosaur specimens recovered from southernmost Chile are described here. These were collected from upper levels of the Dorotea Formation exposed on three different
New Developmental Evidence Clarifies the Evolution of Wrist Bones in the Dinosaur–Bird Transition
A new study that integrates developmental and paleontological data reveals previously unsuspected evolutionary transformations during the emergence of the bird wrist, consistent with its derivation
Eocene Birds from the Western Margin of Southernmost South America
Abstract This study presents the first record of Eocene birds from the western margin of southernmost South America. Three localities in Magallanes, southern Chile, have yielded a total of eleven
Osteology of Aristonectes quiriquinensis (Elasmosauridae, Aristonectinae) from the Upper Maastrichtian of Central Chile
ABSTRACT The upper Maastrichtian elasmosaurid plesiosaur Aristonectes quiriquinensis from central Chile is here redescribed following further preparation of the holotype. New cranial characters