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Intercriteria analysis over normalized data
The possibility to apply the intercriteria analysis over normalized data is discussed. An example, related to evaluation of crude oil data, is given.
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Neural network for defining intuitionistic fuzzy sets in e-learning
The paper presents a neural network that evaluates the students’ answers based on defined set criterions. To be involved in practice there are used evaluation in intuitionistic fuzzy form about theExpand
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Opportunity to Improve Diesel-Fuel Cetane-Number Prediction from Easily Available Physical Properties and Application of the Least-Squares Method and Artificial Neural Networks
A database of 140 diesel fuels having cetane numbers in the range of 10–70 points; densities at 15 °C; and distillation characteristics according to ASTM D-86 T10%, T50%, and T90% was used to developExpand
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A Method of Accelerating Neural Network Learning
  • S. Sotirov
  • Computer Science
  • Neural Processing Letters
  • 1 October 2005
The article presents of accelerating neural network learning by the Back Propagation algorithm and one of its fastest modifications – the Levenberg–Marqurdt method. Expand
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Nanostructured polyelectrolyte multilayer drug delivery systems for buccal administration
Nanostructured polyelectrolyte multilayer drug delivery systems for buccal administration M. Marudova, I. Bodurov, S. Sotirov, Y. Uzunova, B. Pilicheva, I. Avramova, A. Viraneva, I. Vlaeva, G. Exner,Expand
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Electret stability of gamma irradiated PP and PET films
The influence of the gamma irradiation on electrets stability of the polymer films of polypropylene and poly(ethylene terephtalate) was studied by following the surface potential decay with time andExpand
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Investigation of relationships between bulk properties and fraction properties of crude oils by application of the intercriteria analysis
ABSTRACT Data from assays of 244 crude oils (condensates, extra light, light, intermediate, and heavy crudes) were processed by the InterCriteria Analysis with the aim to investigate theExpand
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Modular Neural Network Preprocessing Procedure with Intuitionistic Fuzzy InterCriteria Analysis Method
We propose a method for removing the number of inputs and, hence, the neurons, without removing the error between the target value and the real value obtained on the output of the MNN’s exit. Expand
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Novel Styrylquinolinium Dye Thin Films Deposited by Pulsed Laser Deposition for Nonlinear Optical Applications
The nonlinear optical (NLO) properties of novel styrylquinolinium dye thin films for photonic applications have been studied by the Z-scan, second harmonic generation (SHG), and third harmonicExpand
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