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Radiation forces on small particles in the solar system
Abstract We present a new and more accurate expression for the radiation pressure and Poynting-Robertson drag forces; it is more complete than previous ones, which considered only perfectly absorbingExpand
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What is a planet?
  • S. Soter
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Scientific American
  • 16 August 2006
A planet is an end product of disk accretion around a primary star or substar. I quantify this definition by the degree to which a body dominates the other masses that share its orbital zone.Expand
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Holocene uplift and subsidence of the Helike Delta, Gulf of Corinth, Greece
  • S. Soter
  • Geology
  • Geological Society, London, Special Publications
  • 1999
Abstract The southwestern coast of the Gulf of Corinth, known as Aigialeia, lies in a region of rapid tectonic uplift and extension. Using age and elevation data from raised relic shorelines, andExpand
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Macroscopic seismic anomalies and submarine pockmarks in the Corinth–Patras rift, Greece
Prior to the Aigion earthquake (M 6.2) of 15 June 1995 in the western Gulf of Corinth, people in the area observed anomalous phenomena, including bubbling of the sea, extraordinary behavior ofExpand
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Fluid ascent through the solid lithosphere and its relation to earthquakes
The Earth is continuously expelling gases and liquids from great depths—juvenile volatiles from the mantle and recycled metamorphic products. Some of these fluids ascend through liquid rock inExpand
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Submergence and uplift of settlements in the area of Helike, Greece, from the Early Bronze Age to late antiquity
Excavations in the Helike Delta on the Gulf of Corinth have brought to light architectural remains from the Early Bronze Age (EBA), Geometric, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods.Expand
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Occupation horizons found in the search for the ancient Greek city of Helike
In 373 B.C. an earthquake and seismic sea wave destroyed and submerged Helike, the principal Greek city on the southwestern shore of the Gulf of Corinth. Our sonar survey of the seafloor in the areaExpand
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Are striations on Phobos evidence for tidal stress?
VIKING orbiter photographs of Phobos, the inner satellite of Mars, reveal a curious series of striations or grooves over much of the surface1. These features cross over large eroded craters but areExpand
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Theory of the Earth-synchronous rotation of Venus
CARPENTER1 noted in 1966 that the radar observations of the rotation period of Venus gave a figure remarkably close to one at which Venus would present the same aspect to the Earth at each inferiorExpand
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Radiocarbon Anomalies from Old CO2 in the Soil and Canopy Air
  • S. Soter
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 March 2011
The canopies of forests and cultivated fields can retard the ventilation of CO2 respired from the soil. The plants in dense canopies can then acquire a small fraction of their carbon by recyclingExpand
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