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The impact of a reproductive health franchise on client satisfaction in rural Nepal.
The study shows that franchising reproductive health services increases a provider's interest in delivering better quality services in rural areas of a developing country and shows a positive relationship between client satisfaction and loyalty. Expand
"It's not what you know, but who you knew": examining the relationship between behavior change and AIDS mortality in Africa.
Results from this cross-sectional, multinational study suggest that married and working men aged 20-40 are significantly more likely to have changed their behavior, and personal experience of AIDS is a significant predictor of behavior change in Uganda and Zambia, and is marginally significant in Kenya. Expand
Examining the determinants of mosquito-avoidance practices in two Kenyan cities
The findings illustrate that the poorest segments of society are already doing many things to protect themselves from being bitten, but they are doing less than their richer neighbours. Expand
Rolling out insecticide treated nets in Eritrea: examining the determinants of possession and use in malarious zones during the rainy season
Determinants of insecticide treated net (ITN) ownership and use in malarious areas of Eritrea are described and barriers to access and use of ITNs are examined. Expand
A simple, practical model for reducing alloimmunization in patients with sickle cell disease
Alloimmunization can be reduced prospectively in patients with SCD by meeting their transfusion requirements with blood selected from random black blood donors. Expand
Problems of chronic transfusion in sickle cell disease
Measles mortality reduction and pre-elimination in the African region, 2001-2009.
To achieve high MCV1 coverage, provide a second dose through either periodic SIAs or routine services, and to ensure further progress toward attaining the regional measles pre-elimination goal by 2012, a renewed commitment from implementing partners and donors is needed. Expand
An assessment of hepatitis B vaccine introduction in India: Lessons for roll out and scale up of new vaccines in immunization programs.
There had been a few challenges in the introduction of Hepatitis B vaccination in India, however, this provide opportunity to learn for future scale up. Expand
A long-lasting measles epidemic in Maroua, Cameroon 2008-2009: mass vaccination as response to the epidemic.
The results confirm that insufficient vaccination coverage was the main reason for this epidemic and that the ORI conducted in January 2009 contributed both to control the epidemic and to increase the vaccination coverage to desirable levels. Expand