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Pulsed-power-driven cylindrical liner implosions of laser preheated fuel magnetized with an axial field
The radial convergence required to reach fusion conditions is considerably higher for cylindrical than for spherical implosions since the volume is proportional to r2 versus r3, respectively. FuelExpand
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Pulsed-power-driven high energy density physics and inertial confinement fusion research
The Z accelerator [R. B. Spielman, W. A. Stygar, J. F. Seamen et al., Proceedings of the 11th International Pulsed Power Conference, Baltimore, MD, 1997, edited by G. Cooperstein and I. VitkovitskyExpand
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Conceptual designs of two petawatt-class pulsed-power accelerators for high-energy-density-physics experiments
Here, we have developed conceptual designs of two petawatt-class pulsed-power accelerators: Z 300 and Z 800. The designs are based on an accelerator architecture that is founded on two concepts:Expand
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Measurements of magneto-Rayleigh–Taylor instability growth during the implosion of initially solid metal liners a)
A recent publication [D. B. Sinars et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 185001 (2010)] describes the first controlled experiments measuring the growth of the magneto-Rayleigh–Taylor instability in fastExpand
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Observations of modified three-dimensional instability structure for imploding z-pinch liners that are premagnetized with an axial field.
Novel experimental data are reported that reveal helical instability formation on imploding z-pinch liners that are premagnetized with an axial field. Such instabilities differ dramatically from theExpand
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Modified helix-like instability structure on imploding z-pinch liners that are pre-imposed with a uniform axial magnetic field
Recent experiments at the Sandia National Laboratories Z Facility have, for the first time, studied the implosion dynamics of magnetized liner inertial fusion (MagLIF) style liners that wereExpand
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A semi-analytic model of magnetized liner inertial fusion
Presented is a semi-analytic model of magnetized liner inertial fusion (MagLIF). This model accounts for several key aspects of MagLIF, including: (1) preheat of the fuel (optionally via laserExpand
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Experimental demonstration of fusion-relevant conditions in magnetized liner inertial fusion.
This Letter presents results from the first fully integrated experiments testing the magnetized liner inertial fusion concept [S. A. Slutz et al., Phys. Plasmas 17, 056303 (2010)], in which aExpand
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High-gain magnetized inertial fusion.
Magnetized inertial fusion (MIF) could substantially ease the difficulty of reaching plasma conditions required for significant fusion yields, but it has been widely accepted that the gain is notExpand
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Magnetically Driven Implosions for Inertial Confinement Fusion at Sandia National Laboratories
High current pulsed-power generators efficiently store and deliver magnetic energy to z-pinch targets. We review applications of magnetically driven implosions (MDIs) to inertial confinement fusion.Expand
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