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Does retirement improve health and life satisfaction?
There is strong evidence that retirement improves reported health, mental health, and life satisfaction and no evidence that the health improvements are driven by increased health care utilization.
What Explains Changes in Retirement Plans During the Great Recession?
We examine changes in subjective probabilities regarding retirement between the 2006 and 2008 waves of the Health and Retirement Study. Using a first-difference approach to eliminate individual
Does it pay to delay social security
Social Security benefits may be commenced at any time between ages 62 and 70. As individuals who claim later can, on average, expect to receive benefits for a shorter period, an actuarial adjustment
A Solution Concept for Majority Rule in Dynamic Settings
We define and explore the notion of a Dynamic Condorcet Winner (DCW), which extends the notion of a Condorcet winner to dynamic settings. We show that, for every DCW, every member of a large class of
The financial feasibility of delaying Social Security: evidence from administrative tax data
Abstract Despite the large and growing returns to deferring Social Security benefits, most individuals claim Social Security before the full retirement age. In this paper, we use a panel of
Does Stock Market Performance Influence Retirement Intentions?
Media reports predicted that the stock market decline in October 2008 would cause changes in retirement intentions, due to declines in retirement assets. We use panel data from the Health and
The Cost of Uncertainty About the Timing of Social Security Reform
We develop a model to study optimal decision making in the face of uncertainty about the timing and structure of a future event. The model is used to study optimal decision making and welfare when