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SISAL: streams and iteration in a single-assignment language. Language reference manual, Version 1. 1
SISAL is a single-assignment, applicative, dataflow language designed to express algorithms for execution on multi-processor systems capable of highly concurrent operation. Expand
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SISAL: streams and iteration in a single assignment language. Language reference manual, Version 1. 2. Revision 1
SISAL (Streams and Iteration in a Single-Assignment Language) is a functional data-flow language intended for use on a variety of sequential, vector, multi- and data-driven processors. Expand
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Data Flow Graph Optimization in IF1
This paper describes work that has been done on optimizers for SISAL programs that have been translated into IF1 data flow graphs. Expand
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A simple method to remove reference counting in applicative programs
The efficient compilation of applicative languages that contain data structures such as arrays or records may require that the compiler use a dynamic memory allocator for structured objects. Expand
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An automatically partitioning compiler for SISAL
We describe a compiler that automatically repackages SISAL programs to achieve the grain size needed to run efficiently on different multiprocessors. Expand
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Streams and iteration in VAL: Additions to a data flow Language
This paper presents several proposals for modifications and extensions to the VAL language. Expand
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SISAL multiprocessing support
In this document the microtasking environment supporting both sequential and parallel execution of SISAL is examined. Expand
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