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Dimensions of Teacher Self-Efficacy and Relations with Strain Factors, Perceived Collective Teacher Efficacy, and Teacher Burnout.
In this study, the authors developed and factor analyzed the Norwegian Teacher Self-Efficacy Scale. They also examined relations among teacher self-efficacy, perceived collective teacher efficacy,Expand
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Teacher Job Satisfaction and Motivation to Leave the Teaching Profession: Relations with School Context, Feeling of Belonging, and Emotional Exhaustion.
This study examines the relations between school context variables and teachers’ feeling of belonging, emotional exhaustion, job satisfaction, and motivation to leave the teaching profession. SixExpand
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Teacher self-efficacy and teacher burnout: A study of relations
Abstract The purpose of this study was partly to test the factor structure of a recently developed Norwegian scale for measuring teacher self-efficacy and partly to explore relations betweenExpand
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Teacher Self-Efficacy and Perceived Autonomy: Relations with Teacher Engagement, Job Satisfaction, and Emotional Exhaustion
When studied separately, research shows that both teacher self-efficacy and teacher autonomy are associated with adaptive motivational and emotional outcomes. This study tested whether teacherExpand
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Does School Context Matter? Relations with Teacher Burnout and Job Satisfaction.
Abstract This study examined relations between teachers' perception of the school context, teacher burnout, and teacher job satisfaction. Participants were 563 Norwegian teachers in elementary schoolExpand
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Job Satisfaction, Stress and Coping Strategies in the Teaching Profession-What Do Teachers Say?.
This study explored job satisfaction, work-related stress, consequences of stress, and coping strategies among Norwegian teachers. The study is based on qualitative interviews with 30 workingExpand
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Gender Differences in Math and Verbal Self-Concept, Performance Expectations, and Motivation
Gender differences in mathematics and verbal self-concept, performance expectations, intrinsic motivation, and goal orientation were examined in 4 samples of Norwegian students. A total of 907Expand
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Teacher Stress and Teacher Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Engagement, Emotional Exhaustion, and Motivation to Leave the Teaching Profession
The purpose of this study was to explore how seven potentially stressful school context variables (potential stressors) predicted senior high school teachers’ experiences of teacher self-efficacy,Expand
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Self-Concept, Motivational Orientation, and Help-Seeking Behavior in Mathematics: A Study of Adults Returning to High School
The purpose of this study was to explore relations between mathematics achievement, self-concept, goal orientation, intrinsic motivation, and help-seeking behavior among adults studying for a highExpand
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Internal and External Frames of Reference for Academic Self-Concept
Frames of reference play an important role in the development of academic self-concept because students' judgments of their own achievements have to be made against some frame of reference. StudentsExpand
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