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Radiation dose measurment using MOSFETs
The MOS transistor as a radiation dose detector has been presented. MOS transistors present advantages such as low cost, small volume and weight, robustness, accuracy, large measurable dose range,Expand
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Differential-voltage attenuator based on floating-gate MOS transistors and its applications
In this brief, a very simple differential voltage attenuator based on floating-gate MOS transistors (FGMOS) is proposed. The attenuator constructed by only two stacked identical FGMOS in saturationExpand
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Behaviour of high sensitivity MOS radiation dosimeters biased in the MTC current region
The influence of temperature on the electrical properties of thick oxide p-MOS transistors which is the main parameter controlling the accuracy of MOS ionising radiation dosimeters is investigated.Expand
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Analog implementation of fast min/max filtering
An analog implementation of running min/max filters based on current-mode techniques that can be extended to a higher window size. Expand
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Effect of technology on the input transistor selection criteria of a low noise preamplifier
An analysis of a preamplifier noise behaviour, of a low-energy X-rays strip detector for space applications, is presented. The ratio of equivalent thermal noise (enc/sub th/) to enc/sub 1/f/ isExpand
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Analogue squarer and multiplier based on floating-gate MOS transistors
A simple squarer based on floating-gate MOS transistors is presented. The squarer has rail-to-rail input range with less than 0.5% non-linearity error. Using this squarer single-ended and/orExpand
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CMOS current conveyor
A novel configuration, for the realisation of current conveyors in CMOS technology is proposed. The operation of this circuit, which is based on a high-gain differential closed loop structure, isExpand
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High-speed, accurate analogue CMOS rank filter
A modular, low-voltage, analogue CMOS architecture for rank extraction based on the use of a simple, compact current amplifying cell is proposed. The circuit has a DC error of <-50 dB for inputsExpand
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Design and applications of an easily integrable CMOS operational floating amplifier for the MegaHertz range
The design and major applications of a general purpose current mode building block are presented in this paper. Expand
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A Signal Conditioning Circuit for Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors With Variable Pulse-Rate Output
A signal conditioning circuit with variable pulse-rate output for piezoresistive pressure sensors based on CMOS current-mode building blocks is presented. Expand
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