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On Time Moments and Markov Parameters of Continuous Interval Systems
In this paper, two expressions are derived for calculating the time moments and Markov parameters of continuous interval systems. Expand
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Optimized Near Minimum Time Control of Flexible Structures Using Variable Gain (LQG) Control Strategies
A neural network based time optimal control of flexible structures is presented. The implementation is done on a flexible inverted L structure with surface-bonded piezoceramic sensors/actuators. TheExpand
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Economic load dispatch problem: quasi-oppositional self-learning TLBO algorithm
This paper proposes a meta-heuristic algorithm named as quasi-oppositional self-learning teacher-learner-based-optimization (QOSLTLBO) for solving non-convex economic load dispatch (ELD) problem. TheExpand
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Multilevel Thresholding with Membrane Computing Inspired TLBO
The selection of optimal thresholds is still a challenging task for researchers in case of multilevel thresholding. Expand
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Coordinated tuning of controller-parameters using symbiotic organisms search algorithm for frequency regulation of multi-area wind integrated power system
A coordinated tuning of parameters of controllers to improve frequency characteristics of a multi-area interconnected thermal system in presence of doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) based wind generation is presented. Expand
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MIMO adaptive vibration control of smart structures with quickly varying parameters: Neural networks vs classical control approach
This paper presents experimental adaptive identification and control of smart structures using neural networks based on system classification technique. An inverted L-structure with surface-bondedExpand
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Phenomenological models of Bombyx mori silk fibroin and their mechanical behavior using molecular dynamics simulations.
Bombyx mori silk fibroin (B. mori SF) is a promising biopolymer for use in biomedical applications such as tissue engineered grafts and as a load bearing biopolymer with biocompatible andExpand
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Investigations into the role of water concentration on mechanical behavior and nanomechanics of Bombyx mori silk fibroin using molecular dynamics simulations
Bombyx mori silk fibroin (B. mori SF) is emerging as a promising biomaterial for its application in biomedical field such as hard and soft tissue engineered grafts considering it is a load-bearingExpand
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Impedance modeling for classification of flavored green teas
This paper proposes an electrical impedance model of flavored green teas. Expand