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The regenerative capacity of zebrafish reverses cardiac failure caused by genetic cardiomyocyte depletion
Natural models of heart regeneration in lower vertebrates such as zebrafish are based on invasive surgeries causing mechanical injuries that are limited in size. Here, we created a genetic cellExpand
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Regeneration of amputated zebrafish fin rays from de novo osteoblasts.
Determining the cellular source of new skeletal elements is critical for understanding appendage regeneration in amphibians and fish. Recent lineage-tracing studies indicated that zebrafish fin rayExpand
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Studies on the response of integrated nutrient management on growth and yield of ber
Studies were conducted to determine the effect of organic and inorganic sources of NPK and foliar spray of chemicals on plant growth, fruit yield and quality of ber cv. Gola. Different graded levelsExpand
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Leader β-cells coordinate Ca2+ dynamics across pancreatic islets in vivo
Pancreatic β-cells form highly connected networks within isolated islets. Whether this behaviour pertains to the situation in vivo, after innervation and during continuous perfusion with blood, isExpand
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In Toto Imaging of Dynamic Osteoblast Behaviors in Regenerating Skeletal Bone
Osteoblasts are matrix-depositing cells that can divide and heal bone injuries. Their deep-tissue location and the slow progression of bone regeneration challenge attempts to capture osteoblastExpand
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Optimization of photo-hydrogen production based on cheese whey spent medium
Abstract Cheese whey wastewater diluted to 10 g lactose/L was initially subjected to dark-fermentation by Enterobacter aerogenes MTCC 2822, and the VFAs-rich spent medium (acetic acid 1900 mg/L,Expand
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Different developmental histories of beta-cells generate functional and proliferative heterogeneity during islet growth
The proliferative and functional heterogeneity among seemingly uniform cells is a universal phenomenon. Identifying the underlying factors requires single-cell analysis of function and proliferation.Expand
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Age-related islet inflammation marks the proliferative decline of pancreatic beta-cells in zebrafish
The pancreatic islet, a cellular community harboring the insulin-producing beta-cells, is known to undergo age-related alterations. However, only a handful of signals associated with aging have beenExpand
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Transcriptional Analysis of Sepsis-Induced Activation and Damage of the Adrenal Endothelial Microvascular Cells
Bacterial sepsis is a serious threat to the body homeostasis and is often associated with high mortality in non-coronary intensive stations. In order to survive sepsis, rapid activation of theExpand
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Machine learning based classification of cells into chronological stages using single-cell transcriptomics
Age-associated deterioration of cellular physiology leads to pathological conditions. The ability to detect premature aging could provide a window for preventive therapies against age-relatedExpand
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