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Two reactions of Haloferax volcanii RNA splicing enzymes: joining of exons and circularization of introns.
Archaeal RNA splicing involves at least two protein enzymes, a specific endonuclease and a specific ligase. The endonuclease recognizes and cleaves within a characteristic bulge-helix-bulge (BHB)Expand
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Sequential 2′-O-Methylation of Archaeal Pre-tRNATrp Nucleotides Is Guided by the Intron-encoded but trans-Acting Box C/D Ribonucleoprotein of Pre-tRNA*
Haloferax volcanii pre-tRNATrp processing requires box C/D ribonucleoprotein (RNP)-guided 2′-O-methylation of nucleotides C34 and U39 followed by intron excision. Positioning of the box C/D guide RNAExpand
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The eight stereoisomers of LNA (Locked Nucleic Acid): A remarkable family of strong RNA binding molecules
The authors evaluated the RNA binding of all eight possible stereoisomers of LNA. Synthesis of qa-l-xylo-LNAq has been accomplished and the remaining four stereoisomers, all enantiomers of the fourExpand
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Genetic variability in sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrid) genotypes through inter simple sequence repeats (ISSR) markers
In the present study, 14 sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrid) genotypes were used for genomic diversity analysis based on nineteen inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR). These nineteen sets of ISSRExpand
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Dynamic guide-target interactions contribute to sequential 2'-O-methylation by a unique archaeal dual guide box C/D sRNP.
Assembly and guide-target interaction of an archaeal box C/D-guide sRNP was investigated under various conditions by analyzing the lead (II)-induced cleavage of the guide RNA. Guide and target RNAsExpand
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An Improved Method for Extraction of Soil Microbial DNA for Metagenomics Study
Metagenomics enables the genome wide study of unculturable microorganisms in any habitat. Standardization of microbial DNA isolation protocol is the first and foremost step for molecularExpand
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Microsatellite markers analysis for evaluation of genetic variation in mango genotypes
The study was under taken to evaluate the genetic variation in seven mango genotypes, namely, Amrapali, Dushehari, Janardan Pasand, Neelam, Pusa Arunima, Sensation and Tommy Atkins using SSR markers.Expand
Development and validation of heat-responsive candidate gene and miRNA gene based SSR markers to analysis genetic diversity in wheat for heat tolerance breeding
Being a major staple food crop of the world, wheat provides nutritional food security to the global populations. Heat stress is a major abiotic stress that adversely affects wheat productionExpand
Genetic evaluation of egg quality traits in Uttara fowl using MMLSML
External and internal egg quality traits of Uttara fowl reared at instructional poultry farm were measured in 125 eggs selected from 25 sires. The heritability estimates of traits were estimated fromExpand