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LOAM: Lidar Odometry and Mapping in Real-time
We propose a real-time method for odometry and mapping using range measurements from a 2-axis lidar moving in 6-DOF. Expand
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Autonomous Driving in Urban Environments: Boss and the Urban Challenge
Chris Urmson, Joshua Anhalt, Drew Bagnell, Christopher Baker, Robert Bittner, M. N. Clark, John Dolan, Dave Duggins, Tugrul Galatali, Chris Geyer, Michele Gittleman, Sam Harbaugh, Martial Hebert,Expand
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Low-drift and real-time lidar odometry and mapping
We propose a real-time method for low-drift odometry and mapping using range measurements from a 3D laser scanner moving in 6-DOF. Expand
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The DARPA Urban Challenge: Autonomous Vehicles in City Traffic, George Air Force Base, Victorville, California, USA
This volume, edited by Martin Buehler, Karl Iagnemma and Sanjiv Singh, presents a unique and comprehensive collection of the scientific results obtained by finalist teams that participated in the DARPA Urban Challenge in November 2007, in the mock city environment of the George Air Force base in Victorville, California, and was the second in the series of autonomous vehicle races sponsored by DARPA. Expand
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Visual-lidar odometry and mapping: low-drift, robust, and fast
  • Ji Zhang, S. Singh
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Robotics and…
  • 26 May 2015
We show results with datasets collected in our own experiments as well as using the KITTI odometry benchmark. Expand
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Automated Crop Yield Estimation for Apple Orchards
We developed a comput- er vision-based system for automated, rapid and accurate yield estimation. Expand
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Efficient Multi-robot Search for a Moving Target
This paper examines the problem of locating a mobile, non-adversarial target in an indoor environment using multiple robotic searchers. Expand
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Real-time depth enhanced monocular odometry
We propose a method to utilize the depth, even if sparsely available, in recovery of camera motion by exploring both visual features whose depth is available and unknown. Expand
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Robust estimation of hydrological model parameters
The estimation of hydrological model parameters is a challenging task. With increasing capacity of computa- tional power several complex optimization algorithms have emerged, but none of theExpand
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Multirobot Coordination With Periodic Connectivity: Theory and Experiments
We examine the scenario in which a mobile network of robots must search, survey, cover an environment and communication is restricted by relative location. Expand
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