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Variations in Sugar Content of Flavored Milks and Yogurts: A Cross-Sectional Study across 3 Countries
ABSTRACT Background The consumption of dairy products is encouraged at all life stages as a nutrient-rich component of the diet. However, many milk and yogurt products, particularly flavoredExpand
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Social Challenges for Integrating Conservation and Development: The Case of Wildlife Use in Laos
Conservation projects in developing countries are often justified by the assertion that conservation and development can be integrated through sustainable use. Sustainable use has more localExpand
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The Western Black Crested gibbon Nomascus concolor in Laos: New Records and Conservation Status
Few viable populations of western black crested gibbon Nomascus concolor remain in southern China and northern Indochina, where the species is endemic. We conducted village surveys in the Nam HaExpand
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Central Queensland serpentine landforms, plant ecology and endemism
Serpentine plant ecology and endemism are compared between upland and lowland landforms in the largest (1000km 2 ) serpentinite region in eastern Australia. The plant communities and soils of Expand
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Borderland practices and narratives: Illegal cross-border logging in northeastern Cambodia
In the borderlands of northeastern Cambodia, booming regional demand for luxury rosewood timber has seen the recent expansion of illegal cross-border logging in Laos. This article outlines Khmer–LaoExpand
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Knowledge Regarding Japanese Encephalitis among Pig Farmers of Kathmandu and Morang Districts of Nepal
A study was carried out from January to December 2012 among pig farming communities of Kathmandu and Morang districts of Nepal to determine knowledge regarding Japanese encephalitis (JE) disease. InExpand
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Appetites and aspirations: Consuming wildlife in Laos
Research on wildlife use is strongly associated with conservation and environmental debates. Yet, popular beliefs about wildlife consumption also offer many opportunities for discussing identity andExpand
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Understanding Changes for Forest-Dependent Communities in Upland Laos
Forest-dependent communities globally are experiencing rapid environmental and social changes that require attention beyond policy to also consider governance. This case study from Laos examines aExpand