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Carbon stock and organic carbon dynamics in soils of Rajasthan, India
Abstract Soil carbon stock (CS), was estimated in the 0–25 and 0–100 cm soil depths of arid and semi-arid regions of Rajasthan. Carbon stock was 2.13 Pg in the 0–100 cm soil depth, of which 1.23 PgExpand
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Current status of groundwater arsenic and its impacts on health and mitigation measures in the Terai basin of Nepal: An overview
Nepal is located in the vicinity of Himalayas. Nearly 47% (11 million) of the total Nepalese population lives on the flat lands located in the southern part of the country, the Terai region. TheExpand
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Dynamics of Nutrients and Leaf Mass in Central Himalayan Forest Trees and Shrubs.
Leaf dynamics, nutrient (N, P, K, Ca, and Na) changes, and retranslocation from the leaves of 13 species were investigated in four representative forest communities of the Central Himalaya, India. InExpand
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Nitric oxide mediated transcriptional modulation enhances plant adaptive responses to arsenic stress
Arsenic (As) contamination in rice leads to yield decline and causes carcinogenic risk to human health. Although the role of nitric oxide (NO) in reducing As toxicity is known, NO-mediated geneticExpand
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Prevalence of obesity, physical inactivity and undernutrition, a triple burden of diseases during transition in a developing economy. The Five City Study Group.
Objective and design — The objective of the study was to find out the prevalence of overweight, obesity, undernutrition and physical activity status in the urban populations of India. Cross-sectionalExpand
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Meteorological factors affecting the diversity of airborne algae in an urban atmosphere
Aeroalgal sampling of Varanasi City, India, was done using a Tilak Rotorod sampler and exposing agarised Bold basal medium Petri plates during March 2003 to February 2005. Amongst the 34 airborneExpand
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Toxic effect of Phorate on the Serum Biochemical Parameters of Snake Headed Fish Channa punctatus (Bloch)
Environmental pollution is a burning issue at the moment for whole world. This type of pollution has many categories, classes, types. Many factors are behind these various types of pollution andExpand
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Social class and all-cause mortality in an urban population of North India
Background — There is a rapid emergence of cardiovascular disease in India with economic development, leading to an increase in mortality due to these diseases.The exact causes of death in India,Expand
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Silencing of sterol glycosyltransferases modulates the withanolide biosynthesis and leads to compromised basal immunity of Withania somnifera
Sterol glycosyltransferases (SGTs) catalyse transfer of glycon moiety to sterols and their related compounds to produce diverse glyco-conjugates or steryl glycosides with different biological andExpand
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Improved Nutrient Use Efficiency Increases Plant Growth of Rice with the Use of IAA-Overproducing Strains of Endophytic Burkholderia cepacia Strain RRE25
Effect of indole acetic acid (IAA)-overproducing mutants of Burkholderia cepacia (RRE25), a member of β-subclass of Proteobacteria and naturally occurring rice endophyte, was observed on the growthExpand
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