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Hydrogel: Preparation, Characterization and Applications
Hydrogel products constitute three-dimensional networks which contains a group of polymeric materials, the hydrophilic structure of which renders them capable of holding large amounts of water. TheseExpand
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The aging gut and the role of prebiotics, probiotics, and synbiotics: A review
Abstract The United States (US) Census Bureau estimates the current US population at 301 million with elderly people (>65 years old) accounting for 36 million. Within this group, the fastest growingExpand
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Calibration of hydrological models on hydrologically unusual events
The length of the observation period used for model calibration has a great influence on the identification of the model parameters. In this contribution it is shown that a relatively small number ofExpand
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Adsorption of methylene blue on chemically modified lychee seed biochar: Dynamic, equilibrium, and thermodynamic study
Abstract Contamination of drinking water due to methylene blue (MB) dye is a severe health hazard. In the present work, biochar from lychee seed was synthesized by chemical activation of KOH and usedExpand
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Proso, barnyard, little, and kodo millets
Proso, barnyard, little, and kodo millets are highly nutritious with diverse usage. They are well adapted to harsh climatic conditions, require limited inputs, and are the potential crops for foodExpand
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Robust parameter estimation in gauged and ungauged basins
Hydrological modeling has become a widely accepted theoretical tool for water resources engineering and management. Rainfall-runoff models are used both for short and medium time management (forExpand
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Effect of non-genetic factors on body weights of jamunapari goats
Jamunapari kids (3665) born during 1993 - 2010 at the Central Institute for Research on Goats (CIRG), Makhdoom, Uttar Pradesh were used to evaluate the effect of non-genetic factors on body weightsExpand
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Use of the data depth function to differentiate between case of interpolation and extrapolation in hydrological model prediction
Summary Hydrological models are subject to significant sources of uncertainty including input data, model structure and parameter uncertainty. A key requirement for an operational flow forecastingExpand
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Controlled release coprecipitates : formulation considerations
Abstract Extended release dosage forms can be prepared by a number of methods and coprecipitation of drugs with polymers is one of them. Coprecipitation in turn can be achieved by several methods andExpand
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