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A Molecular Elevator
This molecular elevator is considerably more complex and better organized than previously reported artificial molecular machines and exhibits a clear-cut on-off reversible behavior, and it could develop forces up to around 200 piconewtons. Expand
Electrochemical properties of CdSe and CdTe quantum dots.
The results of electrochemical studies carried out on CdSe and CdTe core and core-shell semiconductor nanocrystals of spherical shape are discussed and examples of emerging or potential applications that exploit electroactive quantum dot-based systems are illustrated. Expand
Operating molecular elevators.
Inspired by the concept of multivalency in living systems, two mechanically interlocked molecules have been conceived that incorporate not once or twice but thrice the features of a pH-switchableExpand
Photoactivated directionally controlled transit of a non-symmetric molecular axle through a macrocycle.
The construction and operation of a simple supramolecular assembly in which a molecular axle passes unidirectionally through the cavity of a molecular ring in response to photochemical and chemical stimulation is described. Expand
Solvent- and light-controlled unidirectional transit of a nonsymmetric molecular axle through a nonsymmetric molecular wheel.
A strategy to obtain the solvent-controlled unidirectional transit of a molecular axle through a molecular wheel, based on the use of appropriately designed molecular components, the essential feature of which is their non-symmetric structure. Expand
Shuttling dynamics in an acid-base-switchable [2]rotaxane.
The results show that the dynamics of the shuttling processes are related to the change in the intercomponent interactions and structural features of the two mutually interlocked molecular components. Expand
The eternal youth of azobenzene: new photoactive molecular and supramolecular devices
Abstract The development of multicomponent chemical systems that can perform predetermined functions under external control – i.e., molecular devices – is a challenging task in chemistry and aExpand
Structural and size effects on the spectroscopic and redox properties of CdSe nanocrystals in solution: the role of defect states.
Results indicate that, while the optical band gap depends on the actual electron-hole recombination within the nanocrystal, and therefore follows the size dependence expected from the particle-in-a-box model, the electrochemical processes of these QDs are strongly affected by other factors, such as the presence of surface defects. Expand
Calixarene Threading by Viologen-Based Axles
The purpose of this chapter is to show the achievement gained over 15 years or so on the use of tris(N-phenylureido)-calix[6]arene derivatives as components for oriented pseudorotaxanes and rotaxanesExpand
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