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Investigation into the mechanisms by which microwave heating enhances separation of water-in-oil emulsions
The separation of water-in-oil emulsions made with Azeri crude was investigated using natural gravity settling and microwave heating techniques. Separation times could be reduced by an order ofExpand
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Profiling phospholipid elution in reversed-phase LC-MS/MS bioanalytical methods in order to avoid matrix effects.
BACKGROUND Endogenous phospholipids have a profound matrix effect in bioanalytical LC-MS methods and considerable effort is invested in strategies to minimize their impact either by removal duringExpand
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Overcoming non-specific adsorption issues for AZD9164 in human urine samples: consideration of bioanalytical and metabolite identification procedures.
A key challenge in the development of robust bioanalytical methods, for the determination of drug analyte in human urine samples, is the elimination of potential analyte losses as a result ofExpand
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A structure–activity relationship linking non-planar PCBs to functional deficits of neural crest cells: new roles for connexins
Migration of neural crest cells (NCC) is a fundamental developmental process, and test methods to identify interfering toxicants have been developed. By examining cell function endpoints, as in theExpand
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Mobile phase pH and organic modifier in reversed-phase LC-ESI-MS bioanalytical methods: assessment of sensitivity, chromatography and correlation of retention time with in silico logD predictions.
BACKGROUND The aim of the work described herein was to undertake a systematic investigation of the effect of mobile phase pH and organic modifier in typical reversed-phase LC-MS methods with regardExpand
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Development of a generic zebrafish embryo PBPK model and application to the developmental toxicity assessment of valproic acid analogs.
In order to better explain, predict, or extrapolate to humans the developmental toxicity effects of chemicals to zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos, we developed a physiologically-based pharmacokineticExpand
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6th Annual Bioanalysis in Clinical Research conference.
The 6th Annual Bioanalysis in Clinical Research conference held recently in London, UK, targeted numerous themes of significant current interest within the discipline of bioanalysis. The conferenceExpand