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Ultrastructural and chemical changes in the cell wall of Haematococcus pluvialis (Volvocales, Chlorophyta) during aplanospore formation
Changes in the ultrastructure and chemistry of the cell wall of the unicellular volvocalean green alga Haematococcus pluvialis were investigated during the transformation of flagellates intoExpand
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A spectral characterization of exponential stability for linear time-invariant systems on time scales
We prove a necessary and sufficient condition for the exponential stability of time-invariant linear systems on time scales in terms of the eigenvalues of the system matrix. In particular, thisExpand
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The dichotomy spectrum for noninvertible systems of linear difference equations
In this paper we introduce the so—called dichotomy spectrum for nonautonomous linear difference equations , whose coefficient matrices are not supposed to be invertible. This new kind of spectrum i...
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Hyperbolicity and Invariant Manifolds for Planar nonautonomous Systems on Finite Time Intervals
The method of invariant manifolds was originally developed for hyperbolic rest points of autonomous equations. Expand
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Invariant manifolds as pullback attractors of nonautonomous differential equations
We discuss the relationship between invariant manifolds of nonautonomous differential equations and pullback attractors. This relationship is essential, e.g., for the numerical approximation ofExpand
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Dichotomy Spectrum for Nonautonomous Differential Equations
For nonautonomous linear differential equations ⋅x=A(t) x with locally integrable A: R→RN×N the so-called dichotomy spectrum is investigated in this paper. As the closely related dichotomy spectrumExpand
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A definition of spectrum for differential equations on finite time
Abstract Hyperbolicity of an autonomous rest point is characterised by its linearization not having eigenvalues on the imaginary axis. More generally, hyperbolicity of any solution which exists forExpand
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Nonuniform dichotomy spectrum and reducibility for nonautonomous equations
Abstract For nonautonomous linear differential equations with nonuniform hyperbolicity, we introduce a definition for nonuniform dichotomy spectrum, which can be seen as a generalization ofExpand
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For several classes of third-order constant coefficient linear differential equations we obtain existence and uniqueness of periodic solutions utilizing explicit Green';s functions. We discuss anExpand
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Exponential Stability of Linear Time-Invariant Systems on Time Scales
Several notions of exponential stability of linear time-invariant sys- tems on arbitrary time scales are discussed. We establish a necessary and suffi- cient condition for the existence of uniformExpand
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