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Dynamic Thermography: Analysis of Hand Temperature During Exercise
The thermographic skin response to exercise is characterized by a specific pattern which reflects the dynamic balance between hemodynamic and thermoregulatory processes.
Mechanical regulation of cardiac muscle by coupling calcium kinetics with cross-bridge cycling: a dynamic model.
The model provides an analytic solution for Hill's equation of the force-velocity relationship and for the phenomena of unloaded shortening velocity and force deficit.
Coupling calcium binding to troponin C and cross-bridge cycling in skinned cardiac cells.
The proposed loose-coupling model, with a positive feedback of force on calcium binding, describes the role of calcium in force regulation and the force-length relationship in skinned cardiac muscle.
Semiautomated Border Tracking of Cine Echocardiographic Ventnrcular Images
An improved procedure is proposed here for automatic myocardial border tracking (AMBT) of the endocardial and epicardial edges in a sequence of video images that includes nonlinear filtering of whole images, debiasing of gray levels, and location-dependent contrast stretching.
Time-dependent coronary blood flow distribution in left ventricular wall.
  • R. Beyar, S. Sideman
  • Engineering, Medicine
    The American journal of physiology
  • 1 February 1987
The model provides a qualitative tool for comprehending the distributed flow phenomenon within the myocardium and its relation to cardiac mechanics and autoregulation.
Adsorption of phosphate ions by collodion-coated alumina
The kinetics and the equilibrium adsorption of phosphate by collodion-coated alumina granules were investigated by experiments in which the initial phosphate concentration, the quantity of Sorbent and the grain size of sorbent were varied.