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An Empirical Study of Helical Coil Heat Exchanger Used in Liquid Evaporization and Droplet Disengagement for a Laminar Fluid Flow
Heat exchanger is an important component in industrial systems especially in process industries. Many commercial designs and types of heat exchangers are available in market for transfer of heat asExpand
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Calculation and classification of the radioactive waste inventory in the structural components of a compact ignition fusion machine
Abstract The radioactive inventory, decay heat and contact dose rate of certain materials (graphite in the first wall, INCONEL 625 in the vacuum vessel and copper in the magnet) of the IGNITOR-ULTExpand
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A Cooling System for an Automobile Based on Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Cycle Using Waste Heat of an Engine.
Now a days the air conditioning system of cars is mainly uses “Vapour Compression Refrigerant System” (VCRS) which absorbs and removes heat from the interior of the car that is the space to be cooledExpand
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Removal of interference effect in the calculation of photonuclear cross-sections
Abstract The unmodified calculation of high resolution photonuclear cross-sections obtained with quasi-monochromatic photons, using bremsstrahlung, can result in an apparent “interference effect” inExpand
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Reliablity test of quasi-monochromatic photon experiments using bremsstrahlung
Abstract Thies et al. [3] recently proposed a method to measure photonuclear cross-sections with quasi-monochromatic photons - using bremsstrahlung as the source of radiation. In this method eachExpand
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Fir continuum and line emissions from interstellar medium in galaxies
A self-consistent method has been evolved to infer physical parameters like density, radiation field and abundances using line and continuum radiations as diagnostics. For that purpose, we firstExpand
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Measurement of photoneutron mean energies with quasi monochromatic photons using bremsstrahlung
It is shown how — using a three ring “Halpern type” neutron detector — the “three point” bremsstrahlung scanning technique of Thies et al. [7] may be used to measure coarsely En(hv) — the mean energyExpand
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Measurement of photonuclear cross-sections with quasi-monochromatic photons using bremsstrahlung
Abstract A simple novel experimental method is described which makes it possible to measure individual photonuclear cross-section ordinates with bremsstrahlung in complete equivalence to an idealisedExpand
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TECHNOLOGY An Empirical Study on the Ways of improvement in Chiller Efficiency by Variation of Various Performance Parameters
As well known, A chiller is a refrigeration system that cools a process fluid typically water, which is further used in commercial and industrial ways for process cooling or air-conditioning. WithExpand
Calculation and classification of the radioactive waste inventory in the structural components of the {open_quotes}IGNITOR{close_quotes} compact ignition torus
The choice of structural material for future fusion plants is based on a multiplicity of considerations. While these materials should possess adequate thermo-mechanical properties they should alsoExpand