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An evaluation of the business performance of fishery cooperative societies in Vasai Taluka of Thane District, Maharashtra
Fishery cooperative movement is considered to be the most effective way to develop the fishery industry and improve the standards of living of the poor fishermen. It is also viewed that fishery
Appraisal of the socio-economic status of fishers among the different sectors in Kerala, south-west coast of India
The present study assessed the levels of literacy, health, income and livelihood security of fisher households across different fisheries sectors in Kerala. Primary data collected across 567
Environmental and social issues in coastal aquaculture
Of the aquaculture practices, coastal shrimp farming has registered the maximum growth of about 400% in the last decade, the two factors resulting to its boom were the increasing demand for Indian shrimp and the improved farming techniques.
Economic analysis of shrimp farming in the Coastal Districts of Maharashtra
The study suggests the need for the concerted efforts in developing a disease management plan and evolving a viable marketing strategy for augmenting the production and realising a higher unit value for shrimp production.
Present Status and Prospects of Fisheries Resources, Fish Seed and Fish availability in Tripura
Tripura State has witnessed admirable growth in aquaculture sector, in recent years and has potential for substantial improvement in production of fish. The paper is an attempt to analyze the
Community-based fisheries management
Does the fishery management regime in the Indian context require a reinvigoration? This is one of the queries which often becomes conspicuous, while speaking the present fishery management system
Success case studies of women mobilisation in marine fisheriessector of Maharashtra
A study was undertaken in the selected locations in the coastal belts of Maharashtra state with a major objective of assessing the demographic characteristics and drawing specific cases of women in
Institution building process of a fisherwomen society
It is estimated by the Center for Women's Business Research, USA that the number of privately held firms owned by women grew at twice the nile of all privatelyheld U.S. firms, (14 percent vs. 7