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Enhanced fluoride removal from drinking water by magnesia-amended activated alumina granules
Abstract This paper describes the fluoride removal potential of a novel sorbent, magnesia-amended activated alumina (MAAA) from drinking water. MAAA, prepared by calcining magnesium hydroxideExpand
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Abstract. The crop coefficient (K c ) method is the most widely used method for computing crop evapotranspiration (ET c ) and relies on selecting a representative K c value for a specific productionExpand
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Support vector machine based modeling of evapotranspiration using hydro-climatic variables in a sub-tropical environment
Abstract Existing models and methods report crop coefficient (Kc) as a function of time but do not consider the variations due to surface conditions, wetting methods, meteorological conditions, andExpand
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MIKE SHE: model use, calibration, and validation.
MIKE SHE is a physically based, integrated water resources model that simulates both surface and subsurface water dynamics. These dynamics include interception, evapotranspiration, overland flow,Expand
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Recharge, upflux and water table response for shallow water table conditions in southwest Florida
A disproportionate increase or decrease in water table in response to minor water input or drainage is observed in shallow water table conditions inside drainage lysimeters. This increase happensExpand
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Monitoring Pesticide and Nitrate in Virginia’s Groundwater—A Pilot Study
Between October 1992 and February 1993, a total of 359 private wells in Northampton County were sampled and data on water-quality variables (temperature, pH, and conductivity), well construction, andExpand
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A County-Level Assessment of Ground Water Contamination by Pesticides
A pesticide screening model was integrated with a geographic information system (GIS) for evaluating the ground water vulnerability to pesticide contamination in Albemarle County, Virginia. TheExpand
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Bi-decadal groundwater level trends in a semi-arid south indian region: Declines, causes and management
Study region Three districts in crystalline aquifer region of semi-arid south India. Study focus India, world’s largest groundwater user (250 billion m3 yr−1) has been reported to experienceExpand
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Impact of Organic Amendments on Groundwater Nitrogen Concentrations for Sandy and Calcareous Soils
Experiments were conducted on calcareous and sandy soils to investigate the effects of organic amendments for vegetable production on groundwater nitrogen (N) concentration in south Florida. TheExpand
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Water and nitrogen management effects on water and nitrogen fluxes in Florida Flatwoods.
The effects of water and fertilizer best management practices (BMPs) have not been quantified for groundwater nitrogen (N) beneath seepage irrigated vegetable fields with shallow water tableExpand
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