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Control mechanism of JAK/STAT signal transduction pathway
Suppressor of cytokine signaling‐1 (SOCS1) was identified as the negative regulator of Janus kinase (JAK) and signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT) signal transduction pathway.Expand
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448-Detector optical recording system: development and application to Aplysia gill-withdrawal reflex
The spatial resolution of a fast, multichannel, optical recording apparatus has been improved in an attempt to increase the completeness of optical recordings of neuron activity responsible for theExpand
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Neutral lipid enzyme electrode based on ion-sensitive field effect transistors
Abstract An enzyme electrode for neutral lipid determination based on hydrogen ion-sensitive field effect transistors (pH-FET's) is described. The electrode is composed of two pH-FET's with anExpand
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Electrophoresis of DNA in micro-pillars fabricated in polydimethylsiloxane
We describe the fabrication of a device containing micro-pillars and separation of DNA. It was made of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and made by a replica molding method using a patterned silicon waferExpand
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Urea and glucose sensors based on ion sensitive field effect transistor with photolithographically patterned enzyme membrane
A polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) based photocrosslinkable polymer has been used to make an enzyme membrane on an ion sensitive field effect transistor (FET). An enzyme and a lysine-rich polypeptide wereExpand
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Integrated multi-biosensors based on an ion-sensitive field-effect transistor using photolithographic techniques
Two kinds of multifunctional biosensors, one sensitive to glucose and triolein and the other to glucose and urea, have been constructed using semiconductor fabrication techniques. An integrated ISFETExpand
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Data processing for multi-channel optical recording: action potential detection by neural network
Using a neural network, we have developed a program for fast and precise detection of action potentials (AP) in raw multi-channel optical recording data. The AP detection was performed in two steps:Expand
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Glucose-sensitive field-effect transistor with a membrane containing co-immobilized gluconolactonase and glucose oxidase
Abstract A glucose-sensitive field-effect transistor (FET) with a two-enzyme membrane containing gluconolactonase and glucose oxidase is investigated. The two-enzyme membrane (ca. 1 μm thick) isExpand
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