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An experimental investigation into the effects of zeolites on the formation of methane hydrates
SUMMARY Methane hydrate is an ice-like nonstoichiometric compound that forms when methane reacts with water at high pressures and low temperatures. It has a lot of practical applications such asExpand
Transient and synchronization behaviors of a standing-wave TA (Thermoacoustic) laser pair
The transient and synchronization behaviors of a TA (thermoacoustic) laser pair were investigated experimentally for various crossing angles and different separation distances between the laserExpand
Transient and Synchronized Behaviors of Two Coupled Thermal Acoustic Converters
AbstractIntegration of multiple sound generators is essential to the development of large-scale, sono-assisted processes such as combustion, evaporation, or CO2 capture with acoustic excitations. InExpand
Optimization of Operational and Constitutional Geometric Parameters for Thermoaoustic Energy Output
The effects of geometric parameters (stack position, stack length, resonator tube length) and varying input power over acoustic energy output were investigated. The acoustic laser kit (Garret 2000)Expand
An Experimental Study on the Optical Separation of Highly Concentrated Sunlight
Highly concentrated sunlight obtained from a solar concentrator mounted on a solar tracker can be divided into the infrared and visible region before it is actually applied. That is, solar rays areExpand
Study of Optimum Operating Conditions of Thermal Acoustic Generator
This study deals with the effects of major geometric parameters on the sound wave output of a thermal acoustic system. The output power of the acoustic wave was dependent on the stack position, stackExpand
The Analysis of Acoustic Waves generated by a TA(ThermoAcoustic) Laser Pair
Sound waves and acoustic energy generated by two identical TA (ThermoAcoustic) lasers were analyzed and studied. One end of the ceramic stack was heated by a thin NiCr wire wound around that end. TheExpand