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On Mathematical Contents of Computer Science Contests
Computer Science contests become very popular with undergraduate students in recent years and maybe the Association for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM ICPC) is the most popular world-wide. Expand
Program schemata technique for propositional program logics: A 30-year history
A survey is presented of the so-called program schemata technique for proving the decidability of propositional program logics. This method is based on the reduction to versions of the problem ofExpand
Towards platform-independent specification and verification of the standard trigonometry functions
First steps towards a platform-independent incremental combined approach to specification and verification of the standard functions cos and sin that implement mathematical trigonometric functionscos and sin are presented. Expand
Etude on theme of Dijkstra
A tutorial for undergraduate students who are interested in different programming contests like National Programming Olympiads or regional ACM International Collegiate Programming Contests (ACM ICPC) based on a problem discussed by E. W. Dijkstra, it is demonstrated that the problem is decidable in cubic time by quadratic reduction to the classical assignment problem. Expand
Fabulous arrays I : Operational and transformational semantics of static arrays in verification project
The purpose of the F@BOOL@ project is to develop a transparent for users, compact, portable and extensible verifying compiler F@BOOL@ for annotated computer programs, that uses effective and soundExpand
Fun with Formal Methods for Better Education
Several Math problems of Olympiad level that can be solved using Formal Methods are discussed (while, unfortunately, Mathematical education suffers of lack of Theoretical Computer science curricular). Expand
Addendum to Etude on theme of Dijkstra
Etude was not a research paper, but presented a tutorial for undergraduate students who are engaged with programming contests (like ACM ICPC), based on E. Dijkstra's heuristic search solution of non-crossing matching problem on the plane. Expand
The paper sketches two problems of this kind in a form of tutorials for undergraduate students that are interested in different programming contests (like ACM International Collegiate Programming Contests) and dioceses some direction for further research that emerge from the problems. Expand