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OpenFlow: enabling innovation in campus networks
This whitepaper proposes OpenFlow: a way for researchers to run experimental protocols in the networks they use every day. OpenFlow is based on an Ethernet switch, with an internal flow-table, and aExpand
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A scalable content-addressable network
Hash tables - which map "keys" onto "values" - are an essential building block in modern software systems. We believe a similar functionality would be equally valuable to large distributed systems.Expand
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Spark: Cluster Computing with Working Sets
MapReduce and its variants have been highly successful in implementing large-scale data-intensive applications on commodity clusters. However, most of these systems are built around an acyclic dataExpand
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Integrated Services in the Internet Architecture: an Overview
This memo discusses a proposed extension to the Internet architecture and protocols to provide integrated services, i.e., to support real- time as well as the current non-real-time service of IP.Expand
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NOX: towards an operating system for networks
As anyone who has operated a large network can attest, enterprise networks are difficult to manage. That they have remained so despite significant commercial and academic efforts suggests the needExpand
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Mesos: A Platform for Fine-Grained Resource Sharing in the Data Center
We present Mesos, a platform for sharing commodity clusters between multiple diverse cluster computing frameworks, such as Hadoop and MPI. Sharing improves cluster utilization and avoidsExpand
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Analysis and simulation of a fair queueing algorithm
We discuss gateway queueing algorithms and their role in controlling congestion in datagram networks. A fair queueing algorithm, based on an earlier suggestion by Nagle, is proposed. Analysis andExpand
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Web caching and Zipf-like distributions: evidence and implications
This paper addresses two unresolved issues about Web caching. The first issue is whether Web requests from a fixed user community are distributed according to Zipf's (1929) law. The second issueExpand
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Dominant Resource Fairness: Fair Allocation of Multiple Resource Types
We consider the problem of fair resource allocation in a system containing different resource types, where each user may have different demands for each resource. To address this problem, we proposeExpand
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Search and replication in unstructured peer-to-peer networks
Decentralized and unstructured peer-to-peer networks such as Gnutella are attractive for certain applications because they require no centralized directories and no precise control over networkExpand
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