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Polarization states of diffracted light. Changes accompanying fiber activation.
Measurement of the state of optical polarization of light diffracted from single, skinned and intact fibers of anterior tibialis muscle from Rana pipiens revealed a dependence upon rigor, activation,Expand
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Photon correlation spectroscopy of the polarization signal from single muscle fibres
SummaryMeasurements of crossbridge dynamics have been obtained from the spectrum of diffracted light derived from single, skinned fibres of skeletal muscle. This technique combines opticalExpand
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Removal of the self-radiation stray light of uncooled thermal infrared imaging spectrometers
The uncooled thermal infrared imaging spectrometer has advantages of small size, low cost and so on, can monitor high temperature events in the extreme thermal environment. However,the difficultiesExpand
Analysis on NETD of Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
In order to suppress the noise of thermal infrared imaging spectrometer and improve its detection sensitivity, relationship between noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) and various noiseExpand