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Calibrating the End-Permian Mass Extinction
High-precision geochronologic dating constrains probable causes of Earth's largest mass extinction. The end-Permian mass extinction was the most severe biodiversity crisis in Earth history. To betterExpand
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High-precision timeline for Earth’s most severe extinction
Significance Mass extinctions are major drivers of macroevolutionary change and mark fundamental transitions in the history of life, yet the feedbacks between environmental perturbation andExpand
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Biogeochemical evidence for euxinic oceans and ecological disturbance presaging the end-Permian mass extinction event
article i nfo The Permian-Triassic Boundary event at 252.2 Ma marks the largest extinction of marine fauna in the Phanerozoic and there is a wide consensus that the extinction coincided with anExpand
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Climate warming in the latest Permian and the Permian-Triassic mass extinction
High-resolution oxygen isotope records document the timing and magnitude of global warming across the Permian-Triassic (P-Tr) boundary. Oxygen isotope ratios measured on phosphate-bound oxygen inExpand
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Lopingian (Late Permian) high‐resolution conodont biostratigraphy in Iran with comparison to South China zonation
Lopingian (Late Permian) conodonts and stratigraphy in northwest and central Iran have become hotly debated issues recently. We here use a sample-population approach, to develop a high-resolutionExpand
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A review of Permian stratigraphy, palaeobiogeography and palaeogeography of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
The Permian marine lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy and faunal compositions among all the major tectonic blocks in the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau are synthesised based on published literature, authors'Expand
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The double mass extinction revisited: reassessing the severity, selectivity, and causes of the end-Guadalupian biotic crisis (Late Permian)
Abstract The end-Guadalupian extinction, at the end of the Middle Permian, is thought to have been one of the largest biotic crises in the Phanerozoic. Previous estimates suggest that the crisisExpand
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Permian ice volume and palaeoclimate history: Oxygen isotope proxies revisited
Abstract A high-resolution oxygen isotope record based on 356 measurements of conodont apatite from several low latitudinal sections in South China, USA and Iran was composed in order to unravelExpand
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Permian stratigraphy and correlation of Northeast China: A review
Palaeontological, lithostratigraphical data from the Permian strata and correlation of the Permian successions for different tectonic units in Northeast China are reviewed and summarized in thisExpand
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