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Effect of Magnetic Field on Seed Germination of Two Wheat Cultivars
Mean germination time (MGT) in both cultivars significantly increased when the time of seed exposed at magnetic field treatments increased, about 3 and 2 hour respectively for Omid and BCR cultivars. Expand
Chilling stress in plants
The concept of cold damage was proposed, which highlighted the leading role of oxidative stress in the induction of stress response, and showed that the exposure of chilling-sensitive plants to low temperatures causes disturbances in all physiological processes. Expand
Developing an innovative textural structure for semi-volume breads based on interaction of spray-dried yogurt powder and jujube polysaccharide.
The optimal bread with superior organoleptic and microstructural properties compared to the control showed a lower moisture loss during the cooking and storage processes. Expand
Impacts of climate change on biodiversity
Considerable biotic changes have occurred globally during these cycles; for the last 11,000 years the Earth has been in a relatively stable warm phase of the cycle and is probably within a degree orExpand
Effect of biotechnology on biodiversity
Biotechnology has emerged as a key technology for economic development in the next century. Some of scientists believe that biodiversity is threatened by agriculture as whole, and particularly alsoExpand
Food security and socio-economic aspects of agricultural input subsidies
ABSTRACT This study is the first attempt at promoting agricultural input subsidy policies in a computable general equilibrium framework on two main dimensions of food security (i.e. food availabilityExpand
Effects of hydro priming on laboratory indexes and field performance of sunflower seeds
Field experiments and laboratory evaluations were done to investigate the effects of hydropriming durations on sunflower seed. Field tests were conducted in a RCB design in 2011 and 2012 to evaluateExpand
Influence of surface crystallinity on the surface roughness of different ceramic glazes
Abstract Surface smoothness is an important characteristic of ceramic glazes as it influences chemical resistivity, glossiness and stainability of glazes. Surface crystallinity of zirconia-based andExpand
A review of factors that influence the fracture toughness of extrusion-based additively manufactured polymer and polymer composites
Abstract Fracture toughness, is a critical aspect of a component’s strength and structural integrity. In additive manufacturing (AM) of polymers and polymer composites, the fracture toughness of theExpand
Germination of different seed size of pinto bean cultivars as affected by salinity and drought stress
Germination percentage, time to 10% germination and root and shoot length were affected by salinity and drought levels, and decreasing osmotic potential (OPs) progressively decreased both root andshoot length. Expand