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Thermo characteristics of steam-exploded bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) lignin
Bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) internode was subjected to steam explosion treatment to produce an excellent fiber for binderless boards. Lignin was isolated from extract-free bamboo meal withExpand
Changes in chemical characteristics of bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) components during steam explosion
Chemical changes in cell wall components of bamboo internode during steam explosion process were analyzed to investigate self-binding mechanism of binderless board from steam-exploded pulp. More thanExpand
Lignin characteristics of Abies beshanzuensis, a critically endangered tree species
The results of this study suggest that A. firma would be a suitable mother tree species for grafting A. beshanzuensis on the basis of their lignin characteristics. Expand
Lignin characteristics of peculiar vascular plants
It was found that guaiacyl-syringyl lignin is not necessarily linked to the presence of vessels, as reported in previous articles, and differences in guayacyl lign in and guaiACYl- Syringyl Lignin do not exactly reflect taxonomical differences. Expand
Lignin as a cross-linker of acrylic acid-grafted carboxymethyl lignocellulose
Cunninghamia lanceolata wood meal samples with different lignin contents after delignification with an acidic NaClO2 system were carboxymethylated, and the degree of substitution (DS) and theExpand
Lignin characteristics of bast fiber and core in kenaf, bark and wood of paper mulberry and mulberry
The structural features of bast fiber and core lignins in kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus), bark and wood lignin of paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera (L.) Vent × Broussonetia kazinoki Sieb.) andExpand
Leaf litter decomposition of selected urban tree species during mulching
The arrangement of trees and shrubs along city streets and parks has been a common practice. It has been estimated that about 36% of the urbanized area of the Tokyo metropolitan is covered with treesExpand
Structural difference between leaf blade and petiole of original and mulched leaf litter of Ginkgo biloba
Lignin structural difference of leaf blade and petiole of original and mulched leaf litter of G. biloba is investigated and lignin content is estimated by a combination of alkaline nitrobenzene oxidation, ozonation, methoxyl content determination and analytical pyrolysis. Expand
Structural Modification of Lignin in Peat during Peat Formation at Tropical Swamp
Peat samples from typical tropical peat swamp around Narathiwat Province, southern Thailand, were collected from various depths of peat profile (from surface to 210 cm depth), of which dates wereExpand
Wheat straw checkerboard and crust formation in the Mu Us desert, northwest China
中国には1億6,000万haの砂漠を含む2億6,000万haの荒廃地が存在する。特に黄土高原を中 心とした黄河中流域では4,300万haにも及ぶ荒廃地が広がっており,土砂流出,飛砂,風蝕等に よる農業生産の低下,農地の縮小などの被害が広がっている。中流域の荒廃は下流域にも影響を 及ぼしており,夏季の集中豪雨による洪水,冬季の少雨による流下水の消滅等の現象を発生させ ている。中国政府は 1978Expand