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Optimization of machining parameters using genetic algorithm and experimental validation for end-milling operations
Optimization of cutting parameters is valuable in terms of providing high precision and efficient machining. Optimization of machining parameters for milling is an important step to minimize theExpand
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Prediction of tool wear using regression and ANN models in end-milling operation
Tool wear prediction plays an important role in industry for higher productivity and product quality. Flank wear of cutting tools is often selected as the tool life criterion as it determines theExpand
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Grading of ripening stages of red banana using dielectric properties changes and image processing approach
Dielectric properties of red banana fruit are studied at different ripening temperatures for developing a rapid and non-destructive assessment method to measure the ripening stages. Expand
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Perovskite Solar Cell Architectures
Abstract In the recent past, organic–inorganic metal halide perovskites have shown remarkable performance in the field of photovoltaic. By varying the device architecture, their efficiencies haveExpand
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A process for the production of coatings having anti-reflective properties
The invention relates to a process for the production of coatings having anti-reflective properties. This is achieved by a composition which contains at least one type of nanoparticles and at leastExpand
Room-temperature curable carbon cathode for hole-conductor free perovskite solar cells
Abstract Hole conductor and metal cathode free perovskite solar cells (PSC) were fabricated with room temperature curable carbon as the top electrode. Conductivity and sheet resistance was optimizedExpand
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Solar Based Z Source Inverter for High Power Application
The different converters are developer in recent years for efficient operation of PV based various controllers for ac load application. The Z source inverter is used as both buck and boost operation.Expand
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Single layer hollow MgF2 nanoparticles as high-performance omnidirectional broadband antireflective coating for solar application
Abstract Reflection is the most disconcerting phenomenon for solar cover glass, and Omnidirectional Broadband Antireflective coating (OBAR) enhances the transmission of the solar cover glass andExpand