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The changing logic of political citizenship : Cross-national acquisition of women's suffrage rights, 1890 to 1990
The authors analyze the acquisition of women's suffrage in 133 countries from 1890 to 1990. Throughout the twentieth century the influence of national political and organizational factors hasExpand
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Lost and Found: The Sociological Ambivalence Toward Childhood
Recent social scientific research on childhood is oddly ambivalent. Despite much theoretically creative and empirically innovative work, the sociology of childhood, as a subfield, is oftenExpand
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Person Focused Training: a model for delivering positive behavioural supports to people with challenging behaviours.
BACKGROUND Person Focused Training is introduced as a model of service delivery for people with severe challenging behaviours. It is defined as training and supporting staff to conduct functionalExpand
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Poverty, segregation, and race riots : 1960 to 1993
Les AA. montrent que la theorie de la privation economique et celle qui met en exergue l'isolement social des minorites ethniques constituent les principales approches qui permettent d'expliquer leExpand
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Deprivation and Race Riots: An Extension of Spilerman's Analysis
Many scholars currently link the growth of a black underclass to the persistence of racial tensions and riots in American cities. However, nearly all previous systematic studies of race riots refuteExpand
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Racial Policy and Racial Conflict in the Urban United States, 1869-1924
This article extends existing explanations of racial conflict by suggesting how legislation and court rulings instigate processes of legitimation and competitive exclusion, which in turn affect theExpand
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Expanding the test of counterfeit deviance: are sexual knowledge, experience and needs a factor in the sexualised challenging behaviour of adults with intellectual disability?
It is posited within the literature that the sexualised challenging behaviour of adults with intellectual disability may be influenced by low levels of sexual knowledge, lack of sexual experience andExpand
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Manipulation under anaesthetic of children's fractures: use of the image intensifier reduces radiation exposure to patients and theatre personnel.
During simulated manipulation of children's forearm fractures, levels of scattered radiation from both plain radiographs and an image intensifier in different modes were measured at various sites onExpand
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School Desegregation, Interracial Exposure, and Antibusing Activity in Contemporary Urban America
Prior research emphasized either resource mobilization or grievance explanations of antibusing activity. This article argues that both explanations imply that racial competition generated collectiveExpand
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Prisoners and Paupers
This article uses data on prisoners incarcerated for misdemeanors in late-nineteenth-century U.S. cities to assess a three-part argument that asserts that threats to white dominance prompted effortsExpand
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