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Expanding the Silicon Photonics Portfolio With Silicon Nitride Photonic Integrated Circuits
The high index contrast silicon-on-insulator platform is the dominant CMOS compatible platform for photonic integration. The successful use of silicon photonic chips in optical communicationExpand
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A Neural Probe With Up to 966 Electrodes and Up to 384 Configurable Channels in 0.13 $\mu$m SOI CMOS
<italic>In vivo</italic> recording of neural action-potential and local-field-potential signals requires the use of high-resolution penetrating probes. Several international initiatives to betterExpand
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Silicon photonics: Silicon nitride versus silicon-on-insulator
Silicon photonics typically builds on a silicon-on-insulator based high-index-contrast waveguide system. Silicon nitride provides an alternative moderate-index-contrast system that is manufacturableExpand
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Accurate channel length extraction by split C-V measurements on short-channel MOSFETs
This paper investigates the extraction of channel length from split current-voltage (C-V) measurements of small gate length PMOS transistors. Using device simulations, including quantum-mechanicalExpand
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Experimental evidence of short-channel electron mobility degradation caused by interface charges located at the gate-edge of triple-gate FinFETs
The mechanism responsible for the short-channel electron mobility (e$mobility) abnormal degradation in n-type tall fins multiple-gate field-effect transistors (MuGFETs) has been identified. RF-CVExpand
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Contact reliability improvement of a poly-SiGe based nano-relay with titanium nitride coating
This work reports a TiN coated contact implemented in a vertically actuated SiGe-based Nano-Electro-Mechanical (NEM) relay. It is shown that covering the bottom of the movable SiGe beam (theExpand
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Low-Loss Singlemode PECVD Silicon Nitride Photonic Wire Waveguides for 532–900 nm Wavelength Window Fabricated Within a CMOS Pilot Line
PECVD silicon nitride photonic wire waveguides have been fabricated in a CMOS pilot line. Both clad and unclad single mode wire waveguides were measured at λ = 532, 780, and 900 nm, respectively. TheExpand
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High-density optrode-electrode neural probe using SixNy photonics for in vivo optogenetics
Moore s law in neural sciences: we present an optical neural probe (optoprobe) with the highest integration density of optrodes-electrodes using a CMOS process platform in 193 nm lithography. WeExpand
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CMOS-integrated poly-SiGe cantilevers with read/write system for probe storage device
A poly-SiGe technology enabling a dense array of micro-cantilevers and tips on CMOS is demonstrated. Built from a dual-thickness structural layer, the cantilevers feature a very small initial bendingExpand
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Poly-SiGe-Based MEMS Thin-Film Encapsulation
This paper presents an attractive poly-SiGe thin-film packaging and MEM (microelectromechanical) platform technology for the generic integration of various packaged MEM devices above standard CMOS.Expand
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