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Desmoglein Endocytosis and Desmosome Disassembly Are Coordinated Responses to Pemphigus Autoantibodies*
Desmosomes are adhesive intercellular junctions prominent in the skin and heart. Loss of desmosome function is associated with severe congenital and acquired disorders characterized by tissueExpand
The Armadillo Family Protein p0071 Is a VE-cadherin- and Desmoplakin-binding Protein*
p0071, a member of the armadillo protein family, localizes to both adherens junctions and desmosomes in epithelial cells and exhibits homology to the adherens junction protein p120 and the desmosomalExpand
Comparative analysis of armadillo family proteins in the regulation of a431 epithelial cell junction assembly, adhesion and migration.
p0071 is an armadillo family protein related to both the adherens junction protein p120ctn and to the desmosomal proteins plakophilins 1-3. p0071 assembles into both adherens junctions andExpand
Maspin expression, angiogenesis, prognostic parameters, and outcome in malignant melanoma.
BACKGROUND Maspin is a serine protease inhibitor that is thought of as a tumor suppressor because of observations that loss of maspin expression in breast, prostate, and oral cancer is associatedExpand
Expression of the cyclin kinase inhibitor, p27kip1, in developing and mature human kidney.
It has been shown that glomerular visceral epithelial cells (VEC) proliferate during glomerulogenesis, but differentiated VEC of the fetal kidney do not. It is also recognized that the proliferativeExpand
Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease: an update on the clinico-pathologic and genetic aspects.
von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease is an inherited multisystem familial cancer syndrome caused by mutations of the VHL gene on chromosome 3p25. A wide variety of neoplastic processes are known to beExpand
Spotting Desmosomes: The First 100 Years.
The desmosome is an elegant, highly organized structure vital to our survival. The term was coined by Josef Schaffer in 1920 (Schaffer, 1920) and derives from the Greek word desmos, meaning “bond“,Expand
Spotting desmosomes: the first 100 years.
Tissue factor expression may contribute to cutaneous infarctions
monoclonal antibody alemtuzumab with activity against the CD52 antigen on malignant lymphocytes. The patient is now on a combination of oral oxytetracycline 500 mg four times daily and nicotinamideExpand