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Flexibility in manufacturing: A survey
This article is an attempt to survey the vast literature on flexibility in manufacturing that has accumulated over the last 10 to 20 years. The survey begins with a brief review of the classicalExpand
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A Survey of the Maximum Principles for Optimal Control Problems with State Constraints
This paper gives a survey of the various forms of Pontryagin's maximum principle for optimal control problems with state variable inequality constraints. Expand
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Explicit Solution of a General Consumption/Investment Problem
This paper solves a general consumption and investment decision problem in closed form. Expand
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Coordination of Supply Chains with Risk-Averse Agents
The extant supply chain management literature has not addressed the issue of coordination in supply chains involving risk-averse agents. We take up this issue and begin with defining a coordinatingExpand
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Generic and Brand Advertising Strategies in a Dynamic Duopoly
To increase the sales of their products through advertising, firms must integrate their brand-advertising strategy for capturing market share from competitors and their generic-advertising strategyExpand
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On Throughput Maximization in Constant Travel-Time Robotic Cells
We consider the problem of scheduling operations in bufferless robotic cells that produce identical parts. Expand
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Sequencing and Scheduling in Robotic Cells: Recent Developments
A great deal of work has been done to analyze the problem of robot move sequencing and part scheduling in robotic flowshop cells. Expand
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Competitive Advertising Under Uncertainty: A Stochastic Differential Game Approach
We analyze optimal advertising spending in a duopolistic market where each firm's market share depends on its own and its competitor's advertising decisions, and is also subject to stochasticExpand
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Dynamic optimal control models in advertising: recent developments
This paper presents a review of recent developments that have taken place in the area of dynamic optimal control models in advertising subsequent to the comprehensive survey of the literature byExpand
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Optimal control theory : applications to management science
Solutions for Chapter 1.- Solutions for Chapter 2.- Solutions for Chapter 3.- Solutions for Chapter 4.- Solutions for Chapter 5.- Solutions for Chapter 6.- Solutions for Chapter 7.- Solutions forExpand
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