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Multidimensional Poverty Measurement and Analysis
Multidimensional poverty measurement and analysis is evolving rapidly. Notably, it has informed the publication of the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) estimates in the Human Development ReportsExpand
Multidimensional Poverty Reduction in India between 1999 and 2006: Where and How?
India has witnessed high economic growth since the 1980s, and a reduction in the share of income poor, though the measured extent of this reduction varies, has been confirmed by different methods.Expand
Composite Indices: Rank Robustness, Statistical Association, and Redundancy
This article evaluates the robustness of rankings obtained from composite indices that combine information from two or more components via a weighted sum. It examines the empirical prevalence ofExpand
Identifying the Poorest People and Groups: Strategies Using the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index
If development is about poverty reduction, then where the poorest live is an important question. This paper seeks to answer this question using an internationally comparable multidimensional povertyExpand
Measuring and Decomposing Inequality among the Multidimensionally Poor Using Ordinal Data: A Counting Approach
Poverty has many dimensions, which, in practice, are often binary or ordinal in nature. A number of multidimensional measures of poverty have recently been proposed that respect this ordinal nature.Expand
Measuring Multidimensional Poverty in India: A New Proposal
This paper focuses on the methodology by which India’s 2002 Below the Poverty Line (BPL) census data identify the poor and construct a BPL headcount. Using the BPL 2002 methodology and NFHS (NationalExpand
Selecting a Targeting Method to Identify BPL Households in India
This paper proposes how to select a methodology to target multidimensionally poor households, and how to update that targeting exercise periodically. We present this methodology in the context ofExpand
Inequality, Interactions, and Human Development
Abstract The Human Development Index, which is multidimensional by construction, is criticized on the ground that it is insensitive to any form of inequality across persons. Inequality in theExpand
A class of distribution and association sensitive multidimensional welfare indices
This paper axiomatically characterizes a class of two-parameter generalized mean social welfare indices having two or more dimensions of well-being. These indices, under appropriate parametricExpand
Suman Seth, “Crafting the Quantum: Arnold Sommerfeld and the Practice of Theory,1890-1926″
Arnold Sommerfeld (1868--1951) was among the most significant contributors to the birth of modern theoretical physics. At the University of Munich, beginning in 1906, he trained two generations ofExpand