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A case for end system multicast
We explore an alternative architecture that we term end system multicast, where end systems implement all multicast related functionality including membership management and packet replication. Expand
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Mercury: supporting scalable multi-attribute range queries
This paper presents the design of Mercury, a scalable protocol for supporting multi-attribute range-based searches. Expand
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A comparison of mechanisms for improving TCP performance over wireless links
Reliable transport protocols such as TCP are tuned to perform well in traditional networks where packet losses occur mostly because of congestion. Expand
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Improving TCP/IP performance over wireless networks
We propose a simple protocol, called the snoop protocol, that improves TCP performance in wireless networks by caching packets at the base station and performing retransmissions across the wireless link. Expand
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Synopsis diffusion for robust aggregation in sensor networks
We present a general framework for achieving signi.cantly more accurate and reliable answers by combining energy-efficient multi-path routing schemes with techniques that avoid double-counting. Expand
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Self-management in chaotic wireless deployments
A study of the impact of interference in chaotic 802.11 deployments on end-client performance. Expand
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Improving reliable transport and handoff performance in cellular wireless networks
We propose a new protocol stack to improve end-to-end reliable transport performance in mobile environments. Expand
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Enabling conferencing applications on the internet using an overlay muilticast architecture
End System Multicast is a promising architecture for enabling performance-demanding conferencing applications in a dynamic and heterogeneous Internet environment where all multicast functionality is pushed to the edge. Expand
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Measurement and Analysis of TCP Throughput Collapse in Cluster-based Storage Systems
Cluster-based storage systems rely on standard TCP/IP-over-Ethernet for client access to data. Expand
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An integrated congestion management architecture for Internet hosts
We present an end-system architecture centered around a Congestion Manager (CM) that ensures proper congestion behavior and allows applications to easily adapt to network congestion. Expand
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