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Enantioselective perception of chiral odorants
Abstract This review gives an updated account on the phenomena of enantioselective perception of chiral fragrances employed in fine and functional perfumery, and of some selected flavours.Expand
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Baker’s yeast-mediated enantioselective synthesis of the bisabolane sesquiterpenes (+)-curcuphenol, (+)-xanthorrhizol, (−)-curcuquinone and (+)-curcuhydroquinone
Fermenting baker’s yeast converts the unsaturated aldehydes 5a–c into the saturated alcohols 6a–c, respectively. The microbial saturation of substrates adsorbed on a nonpolar resin proceeds in highExpand
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Optically Active Ionones and Derivatives: Preparation and Olfactory Properties
The isomeric ionones 1−3 are of both academic and commercial interest. Since their first preparation at the end of the 19th century they have been widely used as fragrances and as starting materialsExpand
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The Positionalδ(18O) Values of Extracted and Synthetic Vanillin
The positional δ(18O) values of vanillin (1) of different origins have been determined from the global values of 2-methoxy-4-methylphenol (4), obtained from 1 upon Clemensen reduction, and ofExpand
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Stereochemical Course of Baker's Yeast Mediated Reduction of the Tri‐ and Tetrasubstituted Double Bonds of Substituted Cinnamaldehydes
A comprehensive study of the stereochemical course of baker's yeast mediated reduction of substituted cinnamaldehydes is reported. Hydride addition to the β position of β-methylcinnamaldehydesExpand
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From commercial racemic fragrances to odour active enantiopure compounds: the ten isomers of irone
Abstract This work contains a complete account of the preparation of all the ten enantiopure isomers of irone, the odoriferous principle of orris root oil, by means of enzyme-mediated approaches,Expand
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Stereochemical aspects of the bioreduction of the conjugated double bond of perillaldehyde
A study on the regioselective reduction of the conjugate double bond of perillaldehyde is described. The chemical reduction of this substrate was investigated in order to provide a straightforwardExpand
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Stable isotope characterization of the ortho-oxygenated phenylpropanoids: coumarin and melilotol.
The natural abundance 2H NMR spectra of extractive coumarin 10 and of its dihydroderivative melilotol 11 produced by baker's yeast reduction has been compared with synthetic materials. Diagnostic forExpand
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