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A Study on the incidence of Retromolar Foramen and Canal in Indian Dried Human Mandibles and its Clinical Significance
The retromolar foramen (RMF) is one of the nonmetrical variants of the mandible (Ossenberg, 1987). The dental practitioners should be aware of this variant and the possible complications which mayExpand
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Comparison of relative efficiency of genomic SSR and EST-SSR markers in estimating genetic diversity in sugarcane
Twenty-five primer pairs developed from genomic simple sequence repeats (SSR) were compared with 25 expressed sequence tags (EST) SSRs to evaluate the efficiency of these two sets of primers using 59Expand
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Biocalorimetric and respirometric studies on biological treatment of tannery saline wastewater
This study is focused on the biodegradation of saline tannery effluent by identified halotolerant bacterial consortia in a bench-scale reaction calorimeter. A satisfactory agreement was observedExpand
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Physical and nutritional factors affecting the production of amylase from species of bacillus isolated from spoiled food waste
Amylase producing Bacillus sp. was isolated from spoiled food waste, which yielded 30 U ml-1 of amylase in medium containing 4% starch and 2% yeast extract at 37°C, pH 7.0 after 20 h of incubation.Expand
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The fascinating orchid flowers exhibit diversity in shape, structure, size, colour and fragrance which also account for multimillion dollar floriculture trade worldwide. The importance of mycorrhizalExpand
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Factors associated with utilization of ICT enabled Village Information Centres by the dairy farmers in India: The case of Tamil Nadu
In India, a large number of innovative initiatives in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have been undertaken by the government, non-governmental and private sectors toExpand
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Impact of landuse on the groundwater quality along coastal aquifer of Thiruvallur district, South India
The present study was carried out to understand the impact of landuse pattern that includes agricultural and urban development on coastal aquifers of the SE coast of India. Regional geology includesExpand
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Kinetic modeling of hyaluronic acid production in palmyra palm (Borassus flabellifer) based medium by Streptococcus zooepidemicus MTCC 3523
Abstract In this study, we evaluated palmyra palm sugar (PJ) formulated medium for HA production using Streptococcus zooepidemicus MTCC 3523. Concurrently, effect of various carbon and nitrogenExpand
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Biodegradation of methyl parathion and endosulfan using Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Trichoderma viridae.
Microorganisms play an important role in the bioconversion and total breakdown of pesticides in the environment. This study was conducted to assess the pesticide degradation (endosulfan and methylExpand
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A Concept of a Probable Autoinjector for Bio-threat Agents
Chemical and biological weapons can be used during conflicts and by terrorists to injure or kill humans and animals. Chemical weapons contain toxic chemicals and biological weapons contain pathogenicExpand
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