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A close examination of performance and power characteristics of 4G LTE networks
With the recent advent of 4G LTE networks, there has been increasing interest to better understand the performance and power characteristics, compared with 3G/WiFi networks. In this paper, we takeExpand
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Accurate, scalable in-network identification of p2p traffic using application signatures
The ability to accurately identify the network traffic associated with different P2P applications is important to a broad range of network operations including application-specific trafficExpand
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Sketch-based change detection: methods, evaluation, and applications
Traffic anomalies such as failures and attacks are commonplace in today's network, and identifying them rapidly and accurately is critical for large network operators. The detection typically treatsExpand
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Analyzing peer-to-peer traffic across large networks
The use of peer-to-peer (P2P) applications is growing dramatically, particularly for sharing large video/audio files and software. In this paper, we analyze P2P traffic by measuring flow-levelExpand
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ACAS: automated construction of application signatures
An accurate mapping of traffic to applications is important for a broad range of network management and measurement tasks. Internet applications have traditionally been identified using well-knownExpand
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An in-depth study of LTE: effect of network protocol and application behavior on performance
With lower latency and higher bandwidth than its predecessor 3G networks, the latest cellular technology 4G LTE has been attracting many new users. However, the interactions among applications,Expand
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Class-of-service mapping for QoS: a statistical signature-based approach to IP traffic classification
The ability to provide different Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees to traffic from different applications is a highly desired feature for many IP network operators, particularly for enterpriseExpand
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Characterizing radio resource allocation for 3G networks
3G cellular data networks have recently witnessed explosive growth. In this work, we focus on UMTS, one of the most popular 3G mobile communication technologies. Our work is the first to accuratelyExpand
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Proxy prefix caching for multimedia streams
High latency and loss rates in the Internet make it difficult to stream audio and video without introducing a large playback delay. To address these problems, we propose a prefix caching techniqueExpand
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Profiling resource usage for mobile applications: a cross-layer approach
Despite the popularity of mobile applications, their performance and energy bottlenecks remain hidden due to a lack of visibility into the resource-constrained mobile execution environment withExpand
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