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Nitrogen Cycles: Past, Present, and Future
This paper contrasts the natural and anthropogenic controls on the conversion of unreactive N2 to more reactive forms of nitrogen (Nr). A variety of data sets are used to construct global N budgetsExpand
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Escalating Worldwide use of Urea – A Global Change Contributing to Coastal Eutrophication
While the global increase in the use of nitrogen-based fertilizers has been well recognized, another change in fertilizer usage has simultaneously occurred: a shift toward urea-based products.Expand
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Impacts of Atmospheric Anthropogenic Nitrogen on the Open Ocean
Increasing quantities of atmospheric anthropogenic fixed nitrogen entering the open ocean could account for up to about a third of the ocean's external (nonrecycled) nitrogen supply and up to ∼3% ofExpand
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Global river nutrient export: A scenario analysis of past and future trends
[1] An integrated modeling approach was used to connect socioeconomic factors and nutrient management to river export of nitrogen, phosphorus, silica and carbon based on an updated Global NEWS model.Expand
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Global trends and uncertainties in terrestrial denitrification and N2O emissions
Soil nitrogen (N) budgets are used in a global, distributed flow-path model with 0.5° × 0.5° resolution, representing denitrification and N2O emissions from soils, groundwater and riparian zones forExpand
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Assessing planetary and regional nitrogen boundaries related to food security and adverse environmental impacts
This paper first describes the concept of, governance interest in, and criticism on planetary boundaries, specifically with respect to the nitrogen (N) cycle. These criticisms are then systematicallyExpand
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Methods and approaches to modelling the Anthropocene
The ‘Anthropocene’ concept provides a conceptual framework that encapsulates the current global situation in which society has an ever-greater dominating influence on Earth System functioning.Expand
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Denitrification In Aquatic Sediments
Nutrients (N and P) are important in controlling primary production in aquatic ecosystems. The availability of N or P within an ecosystem is partly a function of the rates of external inputs to theExpand
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Barnegat Bay-Little Egg Harbor Estuary : case study of a highly eutrophic coastal bay system
The Barnegat Bay-Little Egg Harbor Estuary is classified here as a highly eutrophic estuary based on application of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National EstuarineExpand
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