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The molecular biology of ilarviruses.
A review of the current knowledge of both the taxonomy and the molecular biology of this genus of agronomically and horticulturally important viruses is presented. Expand
Purification and properties of blackberry chlorotic ringspot, a new virus species in subgroup 1 of the genus Ilarvirus found naturally infecting blackberry in the UK
The findings, together with the biological and biochemical properties of this virus, indicate that it should be regarded as a distinct species in subgroup 1 of the genus Ilarvirus even though it was serologically unrelated to existing members of this subgroup. Expand
Detection of apple chlorotic leaf spot and apple stem grooving viruses using RT-PCR.
RT-PCR procedures used to amplify fragments specific for apple chlorotic leaf spot virus (ACLSV) and apple stem grooving virus (ASGV) suggest the viruses are distributed throughout actively growing trees. Expand
The complete nucleotide sequence of prune dwarf ilarvirus RNA 3: implications for coat protein activation of genome replication in ilarviruses.
The complete nucleotide sequence of prune dwarf ilarvirus (PDV) RNA 3 has been determined from cloned viral cDNAs. The PDV RNA 3 is 2129 nucleotides and contains two large open reading frames (ORFs)Expand
Improved detection of prunus necrotic ringspot virus by the polymerase chain reaction
The RT-PCR assay described in this paper is sensitive enough for detection of PNRSV in dormant woody bark tissue and could be incorporated into testing protocols during post-entry quarantines for rapid initial screening of imported budwood and in virus elimination programs. Expand
The sequence of RNA 1 and RNA 2 of tobacco streak virus: additional evidence for the inclusion of alfalfa mosaic virus in the genus Ilarvirus
These two sequences complete the information on the genome of TSV, the type member of the genus Ilarvirus, and are the first sequences described for the RNA 1 and RNA 2 of a member of subgroup 1 of this genus. Expand
The complete nucleotide sequence of an isolate of Asian prunus virus 1 from peach [Prunus persica (L) Batch]
The complete sequence of the isolate of APV present in Ta Tao 5 is described and it is suggested that this represents the first complete sequenceof APV 1. Expand
Ilarviruses Encode a Cucumovirus-Like 2b Gene That Is Absent in Other Genera within the Bromoviridae
Analysis of RNA 2 of the four ilarviruses sequenced to date found an additional conserved open reading frame (ORF), 2b, that overlaps the 3′ end of the previously known ORF, 2a, which supports the suggestion that the SpLV 2b protein is translated in vivo. Expand
Genomic sequences of blackberry chlorotic ringspot virus and strawberry necrotic shock virus and the phylogeny of viruses in subgroup 1 of the genus Ilarvirus
Three members of subgroup 1 of the genus Ilarvirus: blackberry chlorotic ringspot (BCRV), strawberry necrotic shock (SNSV), and tobacco streak viruses, may infect Rubus and Fragaria species and phylogenetic analysis shows them to be distinct viruses. Expand
The coat proteins and putative movement proteins of isolates of Prunus necrotic ringspot virus from different host species and geographic origins are extensively conserved
Comparisons of these sequences with those of other published sequences for PNRSV and the closely related apple mosaic virus showed that both the movement proteins and coat proteins of isolates of P NRSV are extensively conserved irrespective of either the original host or the geographic origin. Expand